We all know where to put our trust when it comes to skincare –  if a product is recommended by a dermatologist or industry expert, we feel reassured when it comes to making a purchase. Now, it’s time to take that trust and use it in the haircare department. Introducing Trichology – the science of the hair and scalp. Essentially a Trichologist is for your hair and scalp what a dermatologist is for your face and body. We all know how important our hair health is for self esteem, that’s why we’re opting to trust true pioneers in trichology and innovative product creation.

Driven by science, a trichologist’s aim is to help any of your hair care needs, whether that’s a disruption in hair texture or a problem with your scalp health. Where do you find these expertise we hear you cry? Fear not, some of our favourite hair care household names already have the power of trichology behind their products…



Founded by Philip Kingsley, a hair care expert with 65 years worth of experience, this brand are truly innovative experts within the industry. With Trichology at the core of all product creations, Philip Kingsley is an award-winning brand you can truly trust when it comes to your hair care needs. With each product being specifically created and inspired by real-life hair and scalp concerns seen in their very own clinics, Philip Kingsley’s formulation process promises excellence in every bottle. Expect to not only see your hair’s appearance improve, but also its health and long-term strength too.



Amongst Philip Kingsley’s hair care creations lies a stand out product, famous for its hair transforming formula, the Elasticizer Therapies is dubbed by Philip Kingsley as the original hair mask. A pre-shampoo treatment that is made up of a creamy formula encapsulating a combination of hair-loving ingredients including olive oil, castor oil and glycerin to ensure optimum hydration and shine. These ingredients have been expertly chosen and work hard to improve your overall hair-health and increase strength and elasticity, thus leaving your hair feeling stronger and healthier looking after use. Developed by trusty trichologists, this unique formula is often used in Philip Kingsley’s award-winning salons in London and New York. 



The immensely popular formulation of the Elasticizer Therapies is renowned for it’s intense hair-loving qualities and every year Philip Kingsley releases a new limited edition fragrance. For 2021, you can enjoy the calming effects of Egyptian Jasmine and refreshing Mandarin to bring a sense of soothing happiness and relaxation to your beauty routine. Focusing on wellness, the grounding aromatherapy scent of this 7-in-1 deeply conditioning treatment can transform your hair routine into a relaxed self-care ritual. A perfect wake-me-up routine addition, this Elasticizer will bring a revitalising bounce and boost of life back into your locks.