Step into a world where beauty knows no bounds! Dive into the Beauty Redefined With Joseph Harwood Edit – a fab collection by Makeup Artist, Social Media Pioneer, British Beauty Council Member, and inclusivity champ Joseph Harwood.

Joseph’s got all the hot tips and tricks to make you glow! Whether it’s spicing up your daily routine or adding sparkle for concerts, festivals, or Pride parties, this collection is your new BFF.

Joseph loves these products for their epic power and versatility. They’ll share their fave techniques and beauty secrets, helping you redefine beauty one amazing product at a time!

MyKitCo – TO GO! Brush Set

“Brushes have always been associated with my brand, and this was a perfect match. I really value the quality of these brushes, and this set has everything you might need.”

GLOV – Ultra Soft Reusable Rainbow Pads

“GLOV provided one of my favourite new types of beauty tools: reusable pads! You can apply makeup with these as well as remove it, and they are of super high quality. They are economical and environmentally brilliant.”

I Am Eyeconic – Mauve Over Glitter

“This glitter is really unique because it’s a mauve that almost appears like a nineties brown when paired with a nude. I use it with a lipgloss in my kit to create a disco ball-inspired lip! Sellotape is your best friend—use it to pick up any excess without drastically disturbing the rest of your makeup.”

Collection Cosmetics – Gorgeous Glow Filter Finish

“Collection created this incredible Glow Filter which adds more luminescence. It can be used as a primer, a body sheen, and a mixer. You can combine it with your foundation to change the texture to a more satin finish. It’s fab!”

Collection Cosmetics – Lash Surge Mascara

“I’m half giraffe, so I’m a stickler with mascaras as my lashes are too long for most, and I have to be very specific with what I use for fear that they will clump. The brush on this is fantastic and it’s buildable, so you can create both a naturally defined eye and a fabulous, built-up lash.”

Bellapierre – 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette – Purple Storm

“Purples are some of the most underused eyeshadows, and this combo matches brilliantly with the glitter included in the kit. I apply the mattes with brushes and the metallics with my fingers. You can find some inspirational looks by using the QR code that accompanies the kit.”

Mellow Cosmetics Powder Blush – Pinky Promise

“This blush is absolutely fabulous on all skin tones, it brings a flush to the skin and looks great on the shoulders, the high points of the face and even when smudged on the edge of the lips, you can achieve a pouty powdery look.”

I Want You Naked – Golden Glow Body Mist

“Who can argue with a fabulous spray glitter? This adds a gorgeous glow to the body and, when used very carefully, a sparkling finish to face makeup. It’s something that was fabulous to include in a Pride-themed edit!”

FACEGEM LONDON – Face Gems – London is Great

“You can use them as they are, or you can cut them up and use them individually to bling up your makeup. I love how well they adhere to the skin; you don’t need to add things like lash glue, and if you are very careful, they can be reused!”

KVD Beauty – Tattoo Pencil Liner – Trooper Black

“I’ve been a fan of the eye products since the brand’s inception. They really last and are a true black, so you can use them as eyeliner or a shadow base. Don’t forget, when using glitter or metallics, the ultimate base for a dramatic look is to layer them over black. This one has been a longtime favourite!”

NailKind – Natural Base Coat

“You can use this before applying other nail products, even on top of other nail brands, and mix it with glitter to create your own custom shade!”

grace & stella – Energy Drink Eye Masks

“Before applying makeup or after a long day, use it for an instant pick-me-up. They’re perfect for awakening tired eyes and creating a refreshed canvas for flawless makeup application.”

Emolyne – The Complete Kit

“Emolyne is a brand that was relatively new to me, but when I tried and tested the four products and saw the value of providing a matching gloss, lipstick, lip liner, and nail polish, it was the missing link within the edit. The quality is unmatched, the coverage is exceptional, the colour suits everyone, and the packaging is genius!”

Eye Candy – False Eyelashes – Gigi

“Everyone needs lashes to enhance their look. I wanted to include lashes that could be cut into sections to be used carefully under your lashes for a seamless blend, or built up over the lash line for a feline flick. You can use these in any way you like.”

Wet n Wild – Ultimate Brow Retractable Pencil – Medium Brown

“We always need an on-the-go brow pencil, and this one is genius—it brings light definition to all colours. You can also use it as a lipliner, which I thought was clever; it’s the perfect shade to add dimension. I love the double-ended mascara wand; in a mini kit, it’s essential for cleaning up brows, lashes, or baby hairs.”

Crazy Color – Bond Recovery Treatment

“When we were deciding on products to include, I really wanted to add a conditioner to the kit because there are so many uses for conditioners that are old-school drag tips. Conditioners contain silicone and skin-nourishing ingredients. They can be used to calm down skin as an emergency face mask, but what I routinely do is use them as a shaving cream. They protect the skin and provide slickness for the razor. So when Crazy Color, one of my old-school favourites for dyeing my hair, agreed to be involved, I was blown away! It works in conventional ways, but if you want, you can mix it with water in a spray bottle for a conditioning spray at a festival, or apply it to nails to help the cuticles. It’s a brilliant product.”

Joseph Harwood – Set of stickers

“I thought of the whole experience of paying homage to my viral looks as a pantheon of different character designs. When I was younger, I saw that my nan had collected sparkly stickers from cereal boxes in the 80s, and they were on a cabinet in her kitchen. I loved seeing sci-fi characters in that format. That’s why I created them, and with this edit, I wanted to make something that could almost be used as sequins as well as fun collectables.”

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