The clocks have gone back, the evenings are reaching their full darkness potential before we even leave the office, and the winds are rife with a resilient chill. Hello Winter. When we’re engrossed in the doom and gloom of the elements, you can’t beat a wholesome pamper night to leave you feeling refreshed. There’s nothing better than getting home, retreating to the sofa with the cosiest of blankets to indulge in a well-deserved pamper session. At Latest in Beauty, we make it our mission to ensure that your beauty cabinet is stocked up with the tools to give yourself the perfect dose of me-time, so that when it’s too cold to go out, you’ve got all bases covered.

Need some inspiration? Our top pick of Winter pamper night essentials are guaranteed to help you relax and adjust to the new season…

Bubble T Bath Fizzers

BUBBLE_TWe’re of the impression that if you’re going to take time out to relax, a bath should be mandatory. Also, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to choosing lotions and potions that you know are going to relax your mood. They say good things come in small packages, and this pack of 10 bath fizzers from Bubble T have been formulated with ripe raspberries, strawberries and blackberries for a sweet and uplifting fragrance. Simply drop one or two into warm water and sit back while they work their magic.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

lee-stafford-treatmentWhile you sit back and relax, why not treat your hair to some TLC? From fighting split ends to battling breakage, the struggle to keep your hair looking in tip-top condition throughout the season can be a challenge. To soften, nourish and repair damage caused by overzealous heat styling and colouring while fertilising your follicles to strengthen from within, we cannot recommend this gorgeous, thick, intensive treatment enough. The soothing formulation reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp to provide the perfect base for hair to grow and reach its maximum potential length.

Being by Sanctuary Caramel Mask

BEING_BY_SANCTUARYLife is full of sweet things, but our current go-to on an evening of pampering goodness? The Being by Sanctuary Caramel Face Mask. Whether you’re sinking deep into your bath or laying on your bed in your towel for a good hour after (we know it’s not just us), cake on this melting caramel mask to instantly comfort and restore skin. Simply remove with a warm cloth after 15 minutes to reveal replenished skin that is soft and silky to touch, leaving you feeling like you’ve totally over-indulged. It’s tempting and looks good enough to eat, but we advise you not to lick it off.

Soaper Duper Body Lotion.

soaper-duper-lemonAfter your long soak, you’re going to want to envelop your skin with something luxurious and nourishing. Enter Soaper Duper’s Lemon Body Lotion, which is formulated with 98% naturally derived ingredients to help you lather up with skin softening sweet almond oil, smoothing lime butter and a twist of orange. Swirl a generous dollop onto slightly damp skin after showering or bathing. Rub around lightly, then sit back (stand, lie, your choice) and – like you’d probably want to with any moment marvelousness – let it all soak in.

Rose & Co Salve Balm Tube

rose-co-salveThere’s always a tube of Rose Petal Salve in our handbag, simply because it’s an all-round beauty hero, especially during the colder months. After your skincare routine, it’s essential to top up your lips with an extra shot of hydration but that’s not all you can get from this beauty hero. This cruelty-free balm can also be used as an eyebrow tamer, dry skin reviver or even a hair serum – winner! A small amount goes a long way so it’s definitely the one for seeing you through the season



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