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Classic Cosmetic Sponges - Strawberry Pink & Rose

Ramer Sponges’ Classic Cosmetic Sponge is the perfect addition to your makeup bag, whether for use at home or on-the-go.. The super-fine sponge texture applies foundation perfectly for an even, flawless finish every time. You’ll be party ready in an instant.

1 x set of 2 sponges

60 % of 100

Product Details

Available in handy twin packs, these cosmetic sponges can also be used with a cleanser to effortlessly remove makeup, particularly around the eyes. The Ramer Classic Cosmetic Sponges will come in a moisture sealed pack. Please ensure to rinse thoroughly in warm water before first use. After use, rinse and allow to dry naturally. Like all Ramer Sponges products, the sponges dry hard, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria. They will instantly soften when soaked in warm water and be ready to be reused again. Fully soften before reuse. The Classic Cosmetic Sponges are machine washable at 40 o C so you won’t have to keep replacing them - great for your bank balance and the environment!


Klorane PVA Sponge