Cleansing Shammy for Sensitive Skin

Providing the perfect alternative to wet wipes, this cleansing sponge is ultra-soft, smooth, completely hypoallergenic and reusable. Removing all traces of makeup to gently cleanse the skin, use your shammy to apply cleansers and lotions.

1 x sponge

85% of 100

Product Details

Ramer Sponges’ Cleansing Shammy for Sensitive Skin comes in a moisture sealed pack. Please ensure to rinse thoroughly in warm water before first use. After use, rinse and allow to dry naturally. Like all Ramer Sponges products, the shammy dries hard helping to prevent the growth of bacteria. It will instantly soften when soaked in warm water and will be ready to reuse again. Fully soften before reuse. The Cleansing Shammy for Sensitive Skin is machine washable so you won’t have to keep replacing it.


PVA sponge