Duo Pencil Sharpener

Hands up if you’ve tried sharpening your eyeliner/brow pencil with a regular sharpener? Doesn’t work too well usually does it? That’s because cosmetic pencils are far softer than your trusty HB. So, rather than maim any more innocent eyeliners, invest in a good cosmetic sharpener like this one from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

1 x sharpener

83% of 100

Product Details

If you ever want to achieve brows “on fleek”, or master a perfectly defined cat-eye, you’re going to need a sharp pencil. Starting out with a blunt pencil is like beauty self-sabotage – you’ve failed before you’ve even begun. To keep all your pencils looking sharp, you’ll need a sharpener that’s up to the challenge. Thankfully this clever little Duo Pencil Sharpener from The Vintage Cosmetic Company, is more than ready to whip your pencils into shape. Able to sharpen both thick and thin pencils, even jumbo crayons (ooo-err), the Duo Pencil Sharpener will fulfil all your sharpening needs. It also features a waste container to keep all sharpenings safely locked inside, saving your makeup bag from unnecessary mess. Plus, the polka dot design is super cute.