Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


This Works

Okay ladies, let’s be real here. We seem to have pulled the short straw when it comes to sleep. Not only do we take longer to fall asleep, we are also more susceptible to sleep disorders than men. Our answer? this works deep sleep pillow spray. The natural, aromatherapeutic blend of oils will help you catch the fast train to the Land of Nod.

1 x 75ml

96% of 100

Product Details

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for your health and general wellbeing. While we sleep, our bodies work to heal damaged cells, boost our immune systems, and recharge our heart and cardiovascular systems. Not to mention that ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood, pressure, diabetes, depression, and stroke. Yeah, we don’t fancy any of that either! Help yourself get a great night’s sleep with this works deep sleep pillow spray. The award-winning natural, aromatherapeutic superblend of lavender, vetivert, and camomile helps to soothe both body and mind, allowing you to nod off easier and more quickly. Just spritz a fine mist over your pillow, lie back, and relax.


Linalool, Linalyl Acetate, Vetiverols, Ocimene, Caryophyllene, Terpentine-4-ol, beta-Pinene, d-Limonene, 1-Octen-3-yl, acetate, Geraniol