Brilliant Gloss - Red Queen

This ultra-pigmented gloss formula deposits a layer of intense and creamy colour on the lips, which remains comfortable and smooth even after drying. The gloss has an ultra-precise applicator for a perfectly drawn and coloured smile.

1 x 6ml

Product Details

ELIKYA BEAUTY is an innovative brand, founded in 2007 by two sisters, Rachel and Sabrina Bandundi. Elikya Beauty is 100% Natural, Vegan, BIO and Eco-friendly with products designed for a cosmopolitan clientele and all types of skin complexions but mainly dark and brown skins. Elikya products are unique and are composed of natural minerals and plant based ingredients destined and made suitable for the needs of all women.


Dodecane/ Dicaptylil Carbonate/Caprylic/ Capric Triglycerides/ Magnesium/ Stereate/ Talc/ Silica/ OLeifera Seed oïl/ Tocopherols