Multipurpose Natural Balm

XO Balm offers a natural alternative to prescription products, for those suffering from eczema, contact dermatitis, dry and rough skin. The natural beauty solution also has many other uses, making it an ideal on-the- go essential.

1 x 45g

72% of 100

Product Details

Formulated with a unique composition of simply four active ingredients from completely natural origin; coconut oil, beeswax, chia seed oil and olive oil, this no- nonsense product is delivered with an applicator and housed in a mirrored compact tin. Designed to soothe and strengthen the skin, as well as to moisturise and nourish all parts of the body, face and hair, XO Balm aims to bring some of the stylish design of the beauty category to the eczema relief and skin health markets. XO Balm is free from preservatives, sulphates and fragrances to avoid triggering any sensitivity. The scent of the product is only from the natural beeswax and coconut oil. Unlike greasy emollients, X0 Balm sits on the skin with a matte finish, making it more comfortable for day-to- day wear.


coconut oil, chia seed oil, olive oil, beeswax