Regenerating Facial Oil

Combray Regenerating Facial Oil reduces wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, minimises pores and improves redness. Combray Facial Oil contains just two ingredients: the powerful antioxidant Oxofulleram and the best quality grape seed oil, nothing else. It is clean, natural and vegan.

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The Miniature is about enough for 10 uses

1 x 3ml

Product Details

Suitable for all skin types, apply Combray’s Facial Oil after cleansing in the evening, applying about six drops to your face, gently massaging the oil into your skin. Your skin should not be shiny or oily after use. Apply a few drops as needed in the morning after cleansing before using any makeup or UV sunblock. You can also apply a drop directly to blemishes, to your skin after sun exposure, or other areas where you have redness or inflammation.

The Miniature is about enough for 10 uses


Oxofulleram and grape seed oil