Seahorse Plankton+ Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge

This 100% natural konjac sponge and its pouch are both 100% compostable, made from plant roots to gentle exfoliate and infused with chamomile to calm skin while cleansing. Super gentle, this bathroom staple is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

1 x sponge

80% of 100

Product Details

Leaving skin clean, glowing and silky smooth, this vegan, 100% natural and eco-friendly sponge helps your cleansing products work harder and go further. Before use, rinse and hydrate your Konjac Sponge in warm water, squeezing out any excess water. Add a small amount of cleansing balm and apply to skin. Don't press too hard and let the natural texture of the Konjac Sponge cleanse and invigorate your skin. Replace your Konjac sponge every two to three months.