Skin Shot

Get ready to feed your skin from the inside out with this anti-ageing complex of bioactive collagen peptides, pycnogenol and hyaluronic acid. This innovative complex protects and reproduces structural proteins, which are essential components of the skin.

1 x 100ml

60% of 100

Product Details

You’ll be hard pressed to find another collagen supplement that delivers the same benefits in a single serving. The Skin Shot’s revolutionary formula delivers anti-ageing benefits at the cellular level. A pioneering blend of bioactive ingredients protects the skin from deterioration against free radicals, regulates inflammation and aids skin cell regeneration. In 30 days your skin is left firmer, more elastic and glowing.


Water, apple and persimmon juice, agave syrup, ginger purée, collagen (5%), pomegranate concentrate, F&V MacroAntioxidants® (natural orange extract), hyaluronic acid, acidity regulator: citric acid, stabiliser: fruit pectin, colour : copper complexes of chlorophyllin, pycnogenol®, curcumin, natural flavourings, cocoa, polyphenols, vitamins C, D, niacin and biotin, sweetener: steviol glycosides