The Traceless Hair Ring 3 Pack ORIGINAL Blush Hour

A hair band that keeps your hair firmly tied back, without running the risk of ruining a good hair day. We suggest you keep one in your desk, gym bag and purse ASAP.

1 x pack of 3

89% of 100

Product Details

The Traceless Hair Ring from Invisibobble effortlessly holds your hair in your desired style, without leaving a kink or a visible mark that a hairband usually does. Plus, you won’t get any unnecessary headaches that hair bands cause as there’s less pressure on the hair. What makes it so magical? The ring is shaped like a telephone cord which wraps around your ponytail without being too tight. This one-of-a-kind hair accessory is a must-have if you’re always rocking an up-do. It’ll hold the hair in place as long as you need, without having to use any pins, hair bands or even hairspray! It can be used in dry or wet hair without any chance of tangles – this may well be a dream come true for your hair.