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Come undone with Model Co
Monday, March 30th, 2015

Model Co Cheek + Lip

The last few years in beauty, probably the biggest trend that has kept on growing is that slight ‘come undone’ look. We’re talking loose braids, smudged out eyeliner, messy top knots and stained lips; and it’s no surprise. It’s easy to achieve, time saving and anyone can rock it in their own unique way.

The beauty market has been quick to catch up on this, with beauty products more that fit for the purpose popping up everywhere; including some modern takes on old favourites. Remember that trick your mum taught you? Smudge some lipstick on to your cheeks for rouge. Well, it turns out they were right, because lip to cheek products have made a huge comeback!

Model Co’s brand new Creme Rouge Cheek + Lip rolls everything that’s great about lip to cheek products into one beautiful pot. What we love about this innovative product is that it’s super low maintenance. All you have to do to get the best finish is apply with your god-given makeup brushes…your fingers that is! On cheeks, the effect is a natural flush that radiates from the skin. Don’t sweat it about getting a perfectly even amount on both cheeks, that’s the beauty of the ‘come undone’ look. On lips, just dab on like a lip balm for a wash of colour. The creamy stain-like formula means it’s stays put during the day, despite the fact it’s so lightweight you don’t even feel it on sitting on the skin. We call that a win-win situation here at Latest in Beauty!

We admit the perfect lip to cheek product isn’t just about how you apply it. Finding the right colour that wears beautifully as a blush and lip colour is a whole other challenge, and not as simple as it sounds. Luckily, Model Co hit it out of the park with Just Peachy. It’s a peach that looks effortless on cheeks, but adds a pop of coral colour on lips which looks great on all skin tones and completely embodies the ‘come undone’ look. Minimalist, but chic. Just slip this handy multitasker into your bag and you’re all set for beauty on the go this spring!

Get your Model Co Creme Rouge Cheek + Lip in Just Peachy in the Glamour Spring Beauty Edit now! Want to find out more about Model Co? Head to

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Behind the brand: Shiseido
Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Shiseido header

You might be surprised to know that Shiseido is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, having been founded in 1872. Then again, it might not come as surprise at all. Japanese culture has always prized beauty, and the beauty regimes of Japanese women – in particular Geishas – were based on rituals and achieving a certain softness that was alluring yet modest.

Japan's first Western-style Pharmacy

Japan’s first Western-style Pharmacy

However, during the end of the 19th Century, things were beginning to slowly change. As East started to meet West, cultural values and ideas were exchanged, including those surrounding health and beauty. Shiseido was Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy, which was inspired by founder Arinobu Fukuhara’s visit to the States, but it wasn’t until 1897 that Shiseido started to turn its attention to cosmetics. They created the world’s first skin softening lotion called Eudermine, partly due to the skin damaged caused by lead which was often present in cosmetics at that time. With the businesses focus growing more and more on cosmetics, they began to open their first chain of cosmetic stores in 1916.

In the 1930’s, Shiseido continued to lead the way with Miss Shiseido; a campaign which allowed women to become involved with the brand professionally by promoting them, giving consultations and prescribing products. At a time in Japan when the working popular was still mostly men, these women paved the way. They later became the Beauty Consultants we know and love today.


Miss Shiseido ladies

Come the late 50’s to early 60’s Shiseido began to take the company beyond Japan by exporting their products to women across the world, including Hawaii and Italy! This was just the beginning of a company that was set to become famous on an international scale.

Shiseido's first ad campaign

Shiseido’s first ad campaign “Candy Tone”

Fast forward to today, and Sheseido is still at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, having earned it’s rightful place as the fourth largest cosmetics company in the world. Although they have acquired other bigs names, such as NARS Cosmetics and Bare Escentuals, the Sheseido brand still lies at the heart of the company. With a philosophy that encourages letting your own beauty shine through with science lead formulas, it’s no wonder their products are know for their performance.

The Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is the newest innovation from Sheseido; a serum that works with your skin’s own immune defence to combat environmental stresses and make your skin the best it can be. With 20 years of research behind the creation of the serum, plus over 140 years of experience in creating pioneering products, this is one beauty must have you don’t want to miss out on!


Try it now in our Get The Gloss Beauty Insider’s Kit box at,  and to find out more about Sheseido, visit

To buy Shiseido products click here.

Fun fact: Shiseido roughly translates to “How wonderful is the virtue of the earth, from which all things are born!”


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Get BBBeautiful at a Givenchy counter
Friday, January 30th, 2015

Many of us will whizz straight through the beauty section in department stores; not because we’re not interested, but sometimes they can feel a little intimidating when you’re not looking to buy a specific product. You might be surprised to realise that actually, a beauty hall is one of the best places to sample cosmetics without necessarily having to make a purchase. That is of course thanks to the beauty counter makeover; a service that is complementary at any Givenchy counter. Not only do you get to try before you buy, but you can learn the best makeup application tips and tricks from the experts!

Jane's review

Jane, aka British Beauty Blogger, went for her very own makeover at the Givenchy counter at House of Fraser in Oxford Street to put her makeover experience to the test…

“Literally, as soon as I saw the makeup artist, Shadia, I asked for her makeup exactly. It was kind of a fusion of smoky nudes that really looked flawless, but the twist was using a very pale eye Ombre Couture shadow that I would never have thought to pick up. It was such a nice shake-up of a traditional smoky nude that I’m genuinely going to repeat the look.

Shadia took a lot of care to prep my skin first with serums and moisturisers – something I am very lax about doing at home so it was a good reminder at least that slacking off initial prep doesn’t pay! She took so much time and care over it, focussing first on the base and then doing a trick with bronzer that turned my January face into a much healthier looking version with the lightest of sweeps.”

You can read British Beauty Blogger’s full review here. It’s a great idea to pop in for a makeover if you’re heading out for a special occasion, need advice on which colours suit you most, or even just to try the latest Givenchy makeup launches. Givenchy even have a makeover menu, so they can tailor your experience to fit you.


The Givenchy Makeover Menu

Quick secrets and tricks to refresh your look!
A step-by-step tutorial to help magnify and define your eyes.
Make-up bag must-haves, on-the-go smart essentials.
Discover the latest trends and colours of this season.
Achieve the ideal trends and colours of this season.
A tailor made tutorial focusing on complexion, eyes, lips and cheeks. Covering basic tips to advanced application techniques.


To get yourself a complimentary makeover, find your nearest Givenchy beauty counter with our lists of stockists here, and to find out more about Givenchy Beauty, visit

Which Givenchy makeover will you choose? Let us know on twitter @latestinbeauty with the hashtag #GivenchyBeauty


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Talking makeup with Wild About Beauty’s Louise and Kim…
Monday, December 8th, 2014

At the heart of Latest in Beauty boxes is the chance to discover a product or brand you never would have tried before; something different that will really wow you. Every beauty addict is always on the look out for the next big thing, and we think we’ve found it in our Glamour Party Beauty Edit box. You may not have heard of Wild About Beauty before, but you might recognise one of the brand’s founders. Created by Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacobs, Wild About Beauty is a beauty venture driven by experience, passion and love. Whilst Louise has taken on board years of experience from the entertainment industry and as a model, Kim knows more than a thing or two about makeup having a successful career as a makeup artist and product developer under her belt. Last week we had a chance to chat to these lovely ladies, alongside their Operations Manager and all-round woman wonder Rachel!


We wanted to find out how Wild About Beauty all began! You met on a shoot with Red Magazine is that right?

Kim: Yes it must have been about 10 years ago now. At the time I was Creative Director of the products for French Connection. Lou and I met on the Red shoot, and I had loads of products with me that I was using which I had been developing with a chemist.

Louise: I really liked them. At the time I was suffering with hyperpigmentation because I had just had my first son – either that or I was pregnant – but my pigment was pretty bad. I’m not a big makeup wearer, I don’t do heavy makeup. Kim was the first person who actually didn’t use a heavy foundation whilst doing a photoshoot and I remember in the pictures still being able to see my freckles. I loved the way she had covered the bits that needed to be done but kept it really natural. After that we carried on working together and it was about 5-6 years later that I just had Bow, my next child, and we were doing a photoshoot for Triumph only 6 weeks after I’d had a baby – really stressful! My pigment was really bad again and Kim had done such a good job. My skin just looked so nice and it made me feel so confident. It was there we said to each other that we shouldn’t just keep this to ourselves; we should really do a makeup line, and that’s what happened.


So how long did it take from the birth of the idea until you actually launched the brand?

Kim: Around 2-3 years because we had to do all of the business and creative plans about what they were going to look like, brand analysis, ethos behind the brand and of course investment.

Louise: It costs a lot of money to launch a makeup brand. You have your minimal quantities, so you can’t just put a little bit of money and hope for the best, you need to pre-order a lot of makeup. So we started having meetings.

Kim: So it was a real labour of love, wasn’t it?

Louise: It was a labour of love. We’ve made many a mistake, but that’s how you learn. One thing I don’t think we made a mistake on was our choice of makeup – lots of bad business mistakes but it’s been an amazing learning curve. The good thing is we’re still as passionate today as we were then. People think I’m mad when I’m saying it, but I just love our makeup! I only wear our own makeup. Sometimes I’ll try other stuff, but I always go back to ours.

Kim: I think it’s a natural thing for Lou and I to love it because it’s what we like. We know that there are plenty of other women who want performance out of cosmetics, but still want them to be easy to use.

Louise: The very first day we sat down in our new office with no furniture, cutting out pictures from magazines for inspiration…going through tons of makeup, just to get one little thing out of a product which we might like. I hope from that people can trust when you say something’s good, you haven’t just gone in and said you’ll do some press. You’ve actually sat there and you’ve gone through 50 blushers to take the best thing out of those 50 to make the best one you feel you can offer a woman. That is how integral and important it was to us to make sure we achieve that. That’s an important point for me to get across – this is my business – and more than that, it’s a passion. Even if I never made a penny from it I think we would love it. I’m a bit of a girl’s girl and I love sharing. This is makeup I think women would love and should have in their makeup bag.


You’ve both worked in the beauty industry in a professional capacity for quite a long time, so was it quite important for you to have products that would perform for makeup artists and photo shoots alongside being easy to use every day?

Kim: Oh god, absolutely! I know the products have got to perform. But in photos it’s not as if you need anything different from your everyday use products. HD cameras now are so sensitive that less is really more even in front of a camera as well. And I think both Lou and I understand that. I think the most important thing is that your skin looks amazing, and then anything else on top of that can look great. It was about using as few products as possible. That was really the main focus; that it was a completely different approach to cosmetics.

Louise: For me it’s the mum on the run thing. Being working women it’s so hard to find time for makeup, but you still want to look good. I had gone through years – particularly through the Eternal years – where if I went out to work I just thought I looked horrendous with all of this makeup on. It so wasn’t me! So I learnt very early on what we didn’t want to do and why we wanted it to be so different. Our makeup is just so easy to use – you could do it in the dark, you can’t get it wrong. I’m 40 now and I’m realising how important the textures are. If anything it should be about bettering what we have already. What Kim is great at is natural formulas and things that are great for your skin. We have products like our Sheer Glow Moisture Tint that gives you amazing strong coverage without it being heavy. We suggest to everyone that they use our tinted moisturiser and Smooth Cover Concealer Kit together so you just cover up the pieces you want to cover, and then the Sheer Glow in the areas you’re not so conscious about. Together they work the same as using a good foundation, but with more of a natural nice look.


Would you (Louise) say that’s your favourite product then?

Louise: I’ve got a few key products, and they do change dependant on the time of year. For me skin is my main thing. I could go without mascara or lipstick or blusher if my skin looked good. Especially when I go to the school – my hair is back in a knot and I’ve got my tracksuit on to go and do a bit of pilates. I don’t really worrying about makeup at those times, but I like my skin to look evenly toned and fresh. For that reason the Sheer Glow tinted moisturiser is the product I’m most proud of, because I believe it really does the job. I also love a bit of Nutribalm in Hannah on the lip and our Nutrilash Mascara and Kajal Pencil Duo are the best. I wear a cream eyeshadow called Matilda and our bronzer Lou every day too. It’s a really nice bronzer that has 3 colours in it with no glitter, just a slight sheen – glitter is one of my pet hates! I think there’s been a lot of personal thought that’s gone into our brand.

Rachel: Also, every product is named after someone who is close to Kim or Lou, so there’s a little story behind every product. It’s a very close knit brand, a close team and very family orientated.


Is that because those particular products were inspired by those people?

Louise: Not so much , but there are a couple of products. Lynn is my mum’s absolute favourite blusher and our Ultra Dewy Glow Sticks Benny and Winston were named after my two bulldogs – who are no longer with us – because of their colouring. We just sat down and thought it would be nice. Think how much our families have had to put up with us stressing out about getting this company together.



What inspires you to come up with new products?

Kim: I think for me it’s the ingredients. I look at all of the things that go into skincare and holistic things. The movement in those areas is really important to me. There’s so many more natural products that we know perform because of the scientific studies, so it’s important for me to keep abreast of what’s going on in that industry and making sure that comes into cosmetics.

Louise: For me it’s what going on in the world of fashion and the catwalk shows. Fashion trends are all something we’ve seen before, just with a slight change. I keep an eye on some key designers to see what they’re doing with makeup because I think their ideas will most probably spill into the high street.


Have you spotted any particular looks that you think are going to be quite big for the party season this year, or do you think it’s more about the timeless classics?

Kim: Oh I think eyeliner flicks for me always work. They’re great for a party and so easy to do – a flick of eyeliner just changes you from day to night in 30 seconds.


Do you have any tips for doing the perfect eyeliner flick?

Kim: I always draw the outline of it first and then fill it in. Our Line & Define Liner Pen is really high shine and glossy with the benefit of chamomile extract, and it stays on throughout the whole night without peeling off. But I think things like that are so easy, and just a red lip. Simple, quick, easy things.

Psst…Kim posts plenty of makeup and beauty tips on the Wild About Beauty Blog HERE.


We love the Powder Eyeshadow we have in The Glamour Party Beauty Edit – it’s so handy just to have a little mirror! Who does the designing?

Kim: Well we both kind of do it.

Louise: We’re actually changing the design of the packaging, and the new one is lovely. You evolve as a company and you start realising how you want to represent yourself on the shelves. We just kept it pretty simple, but we didn’t want to do black or white.

Kim: We wanted it to stand out. Having imprints of bugs was because it was coming from nature, and we wanted to bring that into the packaging.


So apart from a little packaging re-jig, do you have any exciting plans for 2015 or have a vision of where you want go in the next few years with Wild About Beauty?

Louise: It would be really nice to have our own shops and have it as a Wild About Beauty experience. It’s going to be really hard to run with the big boys, but we’d like to stand alone and create our own Wild About Beauty world. There will be lots more product with the same ethos, and what Kim is so great at is coming up with something that’s different from what everyone else is doing.


I think it’s really nice to see two women entrepreneurs who have created a makeup range for women from women. Do you have any female role models you particularly looked up to for inspiration not just from a makeup point of view, but also a business perspective?

Kim: I do, but she’s completely random! Camila Batmanghelidjh who’s the founder of Kids Company (UK charity). I went to an event where she was there speaking and I thought she was just amazing. I’m actually Director of a school, and she was such an inspiration for me – she runs amazing workshops for kids. So although it’s completely random as a makeup artist, I think she’s such an inspirational woman.

Louise:  I think Jo Malone has obviously done it incredibly well, Marcia from Bliss…I really love the way they turn a cosmetic business into an international industry for them. But I think more than that it’s just what inspired me to love beauty. It’s people like Helena Christensen and Yasmin Le Bon who when I was growing up were so iconic and amazing supermodels – they’re the sort of women I looked to and thought they were incredible. They’re natural women as well. And now in their 50’ they’re still inspiring. We might not all be 6”2 and have amazing bodies, but they inspired you to make the best of yourself and be natural.


To check out the entire Wild About Beauty range and find your nearest stockist, head to Be sure to also bookmark Louise’s lifestyle blog (and our new favourite read) A Style Album .

Last but not least, discover the Wild About Beauty Powder Eyeshadow in The Glamour Party Beauty Edit box this party season!

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An entire Collection Cosmetics party look for under £30!
Monday, December 8th, 2014

Have you ever discovered a brand and instantly wanted everything in the range? Silly question, I know. Sadly, that’s an expensive habit to keep up…but not when you find a brand like Collection Cosmetics!

When party season rolls around I always want to freshen up my makeup, especially any bits and pieces I bought last year which are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves – and yes, I am talking about that liquid eyeliner that dried up long ago! Having the option to stock up on quality makeup that’s still affordable can make the party season that much more fun. Why stick to one colour when you get 3? Make this Christmas the time to experiment with Collection Cosmetics…


I’ve chosen 8 Collection products to create a simple but stunning party look, and the best bit? You can get them all for under £30! Of course any evening look has to start with a great base, and one that will last the night out. Whilst Collection has an array of foundations and BB creams to choose from, my pick for a night out would be the Lasting Perfection Foundation (£5.99). The last thing you want to worry about when you’re on the dancefloor is touching up your makeup, and this oil-free formulation will keep you looking flawless all night long. I would then finish off the base with the Illuminating Touch Concealer (£4.99). This isn’t just good for covering imperfections and dark circles, but can double up as a highlighter to add dimension to the face – who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product?! After evening out your skin tone it’s time to add some colour back into the face. Again, there is a big selection of bronzers from Collection, but I think the Bronze Glow Mosaic Sunkissed (£2.99) would be ideal for a little evening sparkle. This pressed bronzer will add just enough shimmer to create a glow without looking like you’ve gone crazy with the glitter!

Carrying on with the theme of all things that shine, my next weapon of choice is Collection’s Galactica Liquid Eyeliner (£2.99). Available in both silver and gold, pick your favourite colour to add a little Christmas glamour to your look. Use the skinny brush to wing your eyeliner into a fine point, or for a less dramatic look use a bigger eyeshadow brush to spread a thin layer over the whole eyelid which will create a subtle metallic sheen. No party look is complete is without big fluttery lashes, and the ultra black formula of the Lengthening Mascara (£3.99) will amp up your eyes to the next level with long and defined lashes. Take it a step further with the Luscious Lashes Glamour Volume (£2.99) to make your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller.

With the eyes being the focal point of the look, finish off the look with a soft pop of colour. The Work The Colour Lip Butter Pencils (£2.99) add the perfect amount of moisture and depth without being as heavy as lipstick. I love the colour Perfect Plum to a touch of vampiness. Of course, the finished look is all in the detail, and you can’t forget the nails. With a 23 shades of Collection’s Work The Colour Nail Polish (£1.99) to choose from, you can find the best one to go with any outfit. Added bonus? The 60 second drying time will have you out of the door to the party of the year in no time!


Left to right: Work The Colour Lip Butter in Cappuccino, Popping Pink and Perfect Plum.

Get the full size Collection Lengthening Mascara in The Glamour Party Beauty Edit box. For stockists of Collection Cosmetics visit

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