Beauty Tip: How to apply blusher

Beauty tips from our expert, Lina Cameron

Mac Mineralize blush in ‘Dainty’

It’s a common myth that blusher should be applied to the apples of the cheeks, but do the following test to see why this is wrong wrong wrong!

Smile wide and touch your finger to the apple of the cheek, then keep your finger in place and let your face drop- does your finger also drops by about two inches? In the same way, blusher applied to the apples brings your whole face down.

With my failsafe finger rule you will never be a victim of bad blusher again!  Starting on the left hand side of your face, take the middle and index fingers of your left hand and place them flat against your cheek so that the side of your middle finger touches the side of your nose. Make sure your fingers are pointing straight upwards towards your eyebrow and are parallel with your nose.  Then take your right hand and hold your index finger horizontally under your nose pointing towards your left ear.  The uncovered area on the upper cheekbone is the optimum place to apply blusher – an instant facelift! A peachy blusher with a slight shimmer,  such as Mac Mineralize blush in ‘Dainty’ is the perfect for the move from Summer to Autumn.

As a finishing touch, sculpt lightly underneath the cheekbones, temples and jaw line with a light dusting of bronzer. This doesn’t need to be expensive – Rimmel is a good brand – but it absolutely must not be glittery. Bronzer is a flat pigment, so if used on the cheekbones it will make them disappear.  Always use a blusher on the points you want to stand out and a bronzer as an accent to contour the face.

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