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The one product you can’t live without this summer…
Tuesday, May 6th, 2014


If there’s one product you take on holiday with you this year, make it Murad’s new Essential-C Sun Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 35 PA+++. I was lucky enough to not only attend the press launch, but to attend it just days before my holiday to Dubai, and boy did this product come in handy!

The balm provides powerful SPF protection in a portable package, allowing for quick and easy application. It effectively hydrates the skin while broad spectrum sunscreen (with a PA+++ rating) delivers maximum protection against UVA (those nasty ageing rays) and UVB rays (the ones that burn your skin). In addition, this formula features MuraSol™ Antioxidant Defense, which provides an advanced level of protection to the skin, giving 360° protection against sun and free radical damage.


The unique formula uses one of my favourite vegetables, Broccoli Extract, to stimulate skin’s natural defence against UV damage; Tangerine Butter to lock in moisture and leave skin silky smooth; and Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E to defend and protect skin’s health.

This is the perfect little product to pop in your handbag and take with you wherever you go. Even in the UK this little miracle has come in handy; you can use it on your nose, cheeks, top of the ears, and I actually found it quite handy to use on my lips too. This is often a much forgotten place, and if you’ve ever burnt your lips you’ll know, a very painful place to get sunburn.

I thoroughly tested this product while in 36 degree heat, and I didn’t even come back with a slightly pink nose! You might not understand the significance of this comment, but I am Irish with very pale skin and a tendency to come back from holiday more lobster than golden goddess unfortunately.

Murad is one of my hero brands, and not just because I used to work there. Dr Murad and the whole Murad family have taught me so much about skincare, and sun care is an essential part of my daily regime. Without fail, I always apply sun cream to my face and neck even when it’s dull and cloudy outside – those ageing UVA rays can get you whatever the weather!

Murad Essential-C Sun Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 35 PA+++ is available from leading salons and spas nationwide, plus selected John Lewis and House of Fraser stores. Find your nearest stockist or buy online at


Can’t live without lip balm
Friday, March 14th, 2014

We all know that deep down in the bottom of every girls’ handbag lies a lip balm, and there’s good reason for that, we simply cannot live without it.

Burt’s Bees, sworn by many to be the King (or Queen if you prefer) of all the world’s lip balms, is no exception. In fact, as Glamour’s Beauty Director Alessandra Steinherr told us, this iconic balm is indeed the most-used product on the Beauty desk. If that isn’t convincing enough to encourage you to try it, then I don’t know what is.

I could real off an endless list of the reasons this little beauty must-have never leaves my sight; its everlasting power, hydrating properties, it super protection abilities and not to mention its 100% natural origins…But instead, I’m simply going to say – try it for yourself, and you can trust us when we say, you will never look back.

Even better, why not try Burt’s Bees alongside 6 of our other Spring Beauty must-haves in our fantastic Glamour Beauty Edit Box, available to buy here for just £14.95. And because we are so convinced you will love it, we have even decided to give you free delivery! Go on, I dare you to say no to that…chapped lips

Inside the Glamour Beauty Edit…
Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director at Glamour Magazine, talks us through the fantastic products inside the Glamour Beauty Edit box….

Find your ultimate get-pretty, feel-happy collection of beauty must-haves here:


The New-Season Glamour Beauty Edit has arrived
Thursday, February 6th, 2014


Back by popular demand, we’ve teamed up with GLAMOUR Magazine for a third time to create the perfect beauty box filled to the brim with must-haves for spring.

Glamour Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr, has hand-picked this exclusive collection of beauty heroes, from the hottest new mascara on the market to the must-have hair transformer.  International Make-up Artist Daniel Sandler has even created an eyeliner exclusively for the Glamour Beauty Edit, so you won’t be able to get it anywhere else!

“It’s the perfect chance to try seven wonder products (worth £45) for a very pretty price.”
Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director, GLAMOUR Magazine

The most important question is, what’s inside the box?

DANIEL SANDLER LONG LASTING WATERPROOF EYELINER IN AQUA VELVET – Created especially for the Glamour Beauty Edit by the make-up genius himself, this pretty turquoise is a fun way to add a bit of colour to your normal make-up.

iNVISIBOBBLE – These kink-free, super-stretchy hair ties are your new best friends – trust us.

PERCY & REED ABUNDANTLY BOUNCY VOLUMISING MOUSSE – Delivers soft, non-crunchy natural volume, with really great hold too.

BURT’S BEES LIP BALM – A good lip balm is worth its weight in gold and this one is simply brilliant at keeping lips beautifully soft.

L’OREAL PARIS MEGA VOLUME MISS MANGA MASCARA – Why, hello super-lashes! This is the new mascara on the beauty block that everyone is talking about.

RITUALS ZENSATION ORGANIC RICE MILK & CHERRY BLOSSOM FOAMING SHOWER GEL SENSATION – An easy to apply and spill-free, on-the-go shower gel that will leave you not only clean, but smelling amazing.

CHEEKY CHAT ME UP NAIL PAINT IN TONGUE ‘N’ CHEEK – Introducing the new cool nail brand on the block that will definitely brighten up your fingers and toes.

The Glamour Beauty Edit is available for just £14.95 plus p&p, get yours here!


Meditation: The Best Kept Anti-Ageing Secret
Friday, January 31st, 2014


I saw this comment written by a lady recently on the London Meditation Centre facebook page: “My meditation is such a rock to me. I can’t imagine life without it. Plus I’ve been told a lot recently how much younger I’m looking and have I had Botox!? ‘No’, I reply, ‘I’ve discovered eyelash curlers and practice regular meditation’…. I feel so much calmer, more grounded and at ease.”

Another commentator replied: “True. I’m 65, and recently someone said to me, “Oh, I thought you were about my age, 40 or so!” I’ve been meditating 40 years, and, apparently, it’s taken 20 years off my apparent age!”

It got me thinking…in a world where we are bombarded by the latest anti-ageing beauty products at every corner, often at exorbitant prices, could the secret to eternal youth really be in something as simple as meditation?

The Journal of Neuroscience have published a paper stating that people who have regularly meditated for over 5 years or more have a biological age of 12 -15 years younger than those who don’t.

This is because regular deep meditation practice dramatically affects production of three important age-affecting hormones: Increasing DHEA (the youth hormone), melatonin (the sleep hormone), and decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone).

I certainly feel that meditation is one of my most effective tools for reducing stress and must be part of the reason why experienced meditators live so long and look so young!

Other studies have shown that meditation can help strengthen the immune system and promote healing of illnesses that crop up as we age.

Beyond reducing physical symptoms, it seems that meditators have a more positive attitude about their body’s, with fewer anxieties and negative thoughts. This is great as a negative attitude to ageing isn’t going to help anyone.  Even though it’s an internal practice, meditation opens you up to the world, engages you in the present moment and keeps you interested and curious in what’s going on around you. I believe a sense of playfulness that keeps you feeling young is just as important, if not more so, than looking young. However I must admit the youthful looking meditators do sway me slightly…

So why not give it a go? There are so many meditation techniques to pick from, be it deep breathing, visualisation, yoga, repetitive mantra and mindfulness (which includes deliberately focusing on the sensations of the task at hand, like doing the washing up, drinking tea, or eating a piece of chocolate).

Try to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to engage in one of these activities and explore the different options until you find a technique that suits you. Plus who knows, you may end up saving a lot of money on costly cosmetics or procedures!

Interested in learning how to meditate? Try one of our one day group Life Enhancement & Mindfulness Workshops for £99. Learn more here.


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