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Tried and tested: Face masks that guarantee glowing skin…
Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

As a makeup artist, I value how good skin care can affect your makeup, as well as the effect it can have on your face throughout the day. I take all these things into consideration when prepping a model for a shoot, a bride for her wedding or a client for an event. When I’m in a rush but need to brighten, tighten or exfoliate, the best way to achieve results is by using a facemask. I have trialed a few of my fave masks so that I can share my opinion with you, and give you a quick guide on what to use for specific skin concerns.


Some people are very strict about using products that are natural, and now you can buy one of my favorite natural skincare brands Jurlique online. It originates from a bio-dynamic farm in South Australia and uses the power of nature to create beautifully scented, extremely effective products. As they have a few different ranges you can choose the natural facemask you need for your skin, from age-defying to hydrating.

Two Jurlique masks I recommend for almost any skin type are the Rose Moisture Plus mask and the Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator. The Rose Moisture mask is so calming and hydrating, you can feel the benefits as soon as you start to layer it on your skin. It is fantastic for relaxing you as the potent rose scent makes you want to lie down and soak it up as if you are at a spa! The drier your skin is the more it will absorb leaving less to clean off, which I prefer to wiping off. So at the end of your relaxing 10 minutes you can press the remnants of the mask into your skin. It leaves skin feeling so supple and soft its indescribable! This is perfect for summer, as the sun and cider tend to dry out your skin.


The Fruit Enzyme mask on the other hand, is a fantastic natural alternative to any AHA exfoliating mask. It combines natural fruit enzymes and Australian extracts to enhance cell turnover and smooth your skin. The smell isn’t as relaxing as the rose mask, but if it works I don’t mind! Its fantastic on set, I use it on models that have been overworked as it brightens dull skin and only needs 5 minutes. It also leaves no residue. Again this is fantastic for summer if you want a gentle exfoliator that will also hydrate your tan.

Moving on to the one and only Japanese brand Suqqu which is exclusive to Selfridges and is at a higher price bracket than Jurlique, but one of the few brands that does makeup and skincare very well. Not many people know it yet but their Refined Flow Stretch Mask which is inspired by the Suqqu signature Gankin Massage technique, aims to tighten and firm while enhancing your facial contour. It is extremely impressive as it uses AHA-C complex (like the exfoliating mask by Jurlique), yeast and Honeysuckle extracts! Having used it a few times I can tell you it has tightened my skin and leaves my complexion glowing! I absolutely love it. I recommend you try it before bed because you can leave the serum on your face overnight to absorb deeper into your skin, as it can feel sticky and I wouldn’t recommend it before going out unless you have a lot of time. Even then you don’t want to wash away the benefits.


Last but not least on the highly recommended list comes the raved about Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I found this mask, extremely different to most mud masks I’ve tried. To start with it smells like peppermint instead of dirt, which is super appealing! It is also formulated to be easy to put on where some mud masks can be extremely thick and hard to spread, kinda like… well… Mud! It also has a lot of hydrating properties, so as it lifts dirt out it moisturises too. Usually with mud masks, I find I have to basically apply face oil WHILE removing the mud mask otherwise my face is at risk of falling off. Not with this baby; Glamglow have got the right balance between cleansing and hydrating. It left my skin feeling super soft and lifted the dirt out of my pores so with a little squeeze from me they were pure after. This is is perfect for the T-zone area.

Now having spanned the globe, from America to Australia to Asia, I hope you find a mask that will save your face!



SJP swears by…Cor’s The Silver Soap
Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

SJP Cor's Silver Soap

We often wax lyrical about the amazement of Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfits, but what about her skin? At the age of 46, her skin – and healthy glow – certainly don’t look it. We’ve discovered that she’s a big time fan of Cor’s The Silver Soap, a new generation of cleanser that multi-tasks like there’s no tomorrow. Combining the latest in nano-silver technology with marine collagen and other natural ingredients, the soap like bar cleanses, tones, exfoliates, reduces wrinkles, soothes eczema and is ideal for acne sufferers too. The only thing it doesn’t do is the washing up…

And now you can try this cult product for just £10! Head over to Latest in Beauty and try it out for yourself…

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