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And the new face of L’Oreal is…
Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Bianca L'Oreal

It feels like there hasn’t been a bona fide model as the face of a beauty brand for ages. Whilst I bow to Beyonce and am partial to the Geordie twang of Chezza, its refreshingly nice to see a fully-paid up member of the model society front a campaign – step forward the stunningly beautiful Bianca Balti. Not only is an international model both on and off the catwalks, she is also a Victoria’s Secret angel, mother, a muse to Karl Lagerfeld and stars in the 2011 Pirelli Calendar. Plus she is described as being “completely genuine, funny and spontaneous”. AND she has a darn good pout too. Some people have all the luck…

Tried & Tested: L’Oreal Glam Shine 6h lipgloss
Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I’ll start this review on a pedantic note. The colour of Glam Shine 6h lipgloss I tried was labelled ‘Oriental Fuschia’. It was part of a gift set that came with a £15 spend in on L’Oreal products in Boots just before Christmas, and I assume this particular colour was included because L’Oreal realised they’d spelled ‘Fuchsia’ wrong (ha!) and needed to shift the stock, as it’s not available any more. Always Pink is probably the closest dupe.

But onto the gloss itself. You may recognise the Glam Shine range as it’s currently being hawked by ‘national treasure’ Cheryl Cole in every prime-time ad break. It has a very distinctive applicator – L’Oreal say it’s heart-shaped, but I have taken to thinking of this as the ‘vulva’ lipgloss. Yep, try to get that image out of your head now!

Jokes aside, I actually really rate the applicator. It’s soft and spongy and covers the lips quickly and neatly, and is so well-shaped you can probably touch-up without using a mirror (a la Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes).


Editor’s Secrets: L’Oreal Paris Colour Intensity Shadow
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Metallic neutrals are my go-to eyeshadow shades for daytime. Give me any old taupe, golden khaki, rose gold or metallic beige, and I’m set. So I’m absolutely loving L’Oreal Paris Color Appeal Chrome Intensity shadows, which offer pretty, shimmery shades in a really rich, almost creamy formula that lasts all day.

Golden Rose 165 is my shade of choice, a pretty pinkish beige/gold that builds up really well without ever looking too heavy or over the top. This is one of the few shadows I apply using the cheapo sponge applicator provided. For some reason, it does a much better job than a brush, which never picks up enough product for my liking (I think because the shadows have a strange creamy feel that doesn’t work so well with the bristles but is perfect on a sponge).

It’s often difficult to find the right gold shade to perfectly suit your skintone, but this is a nice compromise for me as it works beautifully on pink-toned skin where more ‘true’ yellow golds may not. The look is more of a wash of colour than a dramatic, gilded finish, which for daytime is lovely.

L’Oreal Paris Color Appeal Chrome Intensity in Golden Rose 165 £6.19 at Superdrug.

Tried & Tested: L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra Black
Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I’ve bemoaned the influx of ‘extra black’ and ‘carbon black’ mascaras before, mostly because they always come out a few months after the intial launch, just as you’re getting to love the original formula (and often just after you’ve bought a tube). But I came to L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Extra Black having never tried the original black version, so I’ll forgive this just this once.

Volume Million Lashes Extra Black is designed for serious lift, volume and pigment. Advertised by Eva Longoria (with a bit of help from those infamous lash inserts) it promises to ‘Millionise’ your lashes. Awful marketing jargon aside, this appealed because it combines two of my favourite things when it comes to mascara – thick, dark pigment and a plastic bristle brush that promises not to clog. So how does it fare? Keep reading for the pics…


Dream On: luxury beauty advent calendar
Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Is it safe to say the ‘c’ word yet? No, not that one, the other one.

If you’re still in denial about the fact we’re only 60 days away from Christmas, I think this particular product may get you in the festive spirit. L’Oreal’s Luxury Product Division have put together the ultimate beauty advent calendar to help you count down those final 24 days…and pamper yourself whilst doing so.

The box contains beauty treats from the likes of YSL, Stella McCartney, Lancome, Kiehl’s and Viktor & Rolf, and we’re not talking tiny sachets either, some of the products are as large as 30ml. The focus is on hero products, so you get loads of must-have lotions and potions, from Lancome juicy tubes to Kiehl’s super-famous creme de corps.

At £60 it doesn’t come cheap, but it beats munching on cheap chocolate every morning of December. The calendar is exclusive to Selfridges. It’s sold out online at the moment, but fingers crossed there are more on the way.

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