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The NEW Rita Ora 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish
Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Love the Colour Rush Lip & Nail Collection from Rimmel and Rita Ora? Then you’ll be pining after the latest addition to the NEW Colourfest Lip & Nail Collection by Rita Ora!

Rimmel & nail buffer - Copy

Say hello to the brand new 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish. Transform your nails in record time with this high shine polish that lasts. All it takes is one coat to get the intense colour you want, and the precise brush makes it a breeze to apply. Forget waiting around for your nails to dry – just 60 seconds later you’ll be ready to go and enjoy every last minute of summer. The chip-resistant formula ensures you don’t need to worry about getting the most out of your mani, and will have your summer ensemble looking flawless for up to 10 days. Need a huge choice of colour? Well Rimmel has you covered because the new range includes 60 shades overall.

If you’re after feel-good summer shades, then the 12 colours within the range by Rita Ora are your go-to. Choose from pretty in pastel to bold in brights with this line-up. Inspired by hippy-chic flower power, each pot of colour proudly showcases white daisies alongside Rita’s colourful signature, which appears on every cap. She’s even showing off the new collection on her instagram account! Included are:

Rita's nail instagram

Daisy Days (#450) A super summery sunshine yellow.

Peachella (#408) An orangey peach for those summer night sunsets.

Glaston-Berry (#300) A gorgeous berry to get you noticed.

Sweet Retreat (#270) The baby pink that we all need.

Bestival Blue (#860) Match the summer skies with this azure shade.

Roll in the Grass (#878) Have fun with this aqua-green.


To get your hands on the NEW Rimmel Colourfest Collection by Rita Ora, find the 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in our Capital Beauty Box, and the Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss in our Glamour Spring Beauty Edit. To find out more visit

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New in beauty at the Boots Give It A Go event
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

We’ve all been there; browsing the beauty aisles of Boots and suddenly half an hour has passed. It’s safe to that Boots is the number one beauty destination for the high street shopper, and there’s a good reason why. Whilst you can always rely on Boots to stock old favourites, essentials and timeless classics, they’re always keeping their fingers firmly on the pulse by bringing you the most exciting new launches beauty has to offer too. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Boots Give It A Go event in London, where they were showcases some of the best their aisles currently have to offer. The campaign is all about daring yourself to step out of the box to try something new, and that’s exactly what we did!

Boots Give It A Go 1Wah London Nails immediate caught our attention with their bright colours and urban vibe. The fact that Wah began life as a fanzine about girls in hip hop says it all. Founder Sharmadean Reid formed Wah into Wah Nails, a nail salon in East London’s heart in Dalston which soon earned a reputation as the coolest nail bar in town. Whether you’re a minimalist french manicure devotee or want to go all out ghetto, Wah Nails have you covered. The great news for all you non-London dwellers is that Wah Nails have now brought out their own range Wah London, including polishes, nail pens, stickers and press on nails…and you guessed it, they’re available at Boots! Our product pick has to be the Trend Kits. Including everything you could ever need for a fun at home manicure session, you can create your own unique nail looks; even share with your friends if you’re feeling generous! The acrylic boxes are also designed to be reusable, so store your beauty bits inside and stack them up and you collect the different Trend Kits throughout the seasons.Boots Give It A Go 2

Latest in Beauty’s e-commerce whizz Fiona then decide to go all out with a mini makeover! Of course no makeover is complete without a hair do, which is where the lovely Sherman Hawthorne came in. After adding some volume and bounce it a round brush and hair drier, it was time to texturise. Trevor Sorbie Styling Texturising Paste was Sherman’s weapon of choice, and it was the perfect product to finish off the look by adding some light definition to Fiona’s natural waves without that stickiness that comes with a lot of hair putties.

We love the Boot’s Give It A Go concept, and here are some of the daring but flattering beauty tips they shared with us…


1. Sheer finish

Adding shimmer to the eyes is the perfect way to adapt any beauty look from day to night. Louise Constad, Independent Make-Up Artist recommends:

“For a sheer finish, start off by blending a medium shimmer shade into the centre of the eyelid. Next, blend a light shade into the inner corners of the eye and blend a darker shade into the outer corners. Finally, apply brown eyeliner to the waterline and give eyelashes a slick of volumising mascara.”


2. Match your liner to your lenses
Don’t shy away from wearing liner just because you wear glasses, instead use it to enhance them! Sarah Jagger, Independent Make-up Artist suggests:

“Eyeliner should be applied according to the type of glasses and the magnification effects. The colour should complement the rest of the eye make-up, as well as the frames. If the frames are thicker, apply a thicker line of eyeliner in a colour darker than the natural eye colour. Line along the lash line all the way around the eyes so that the eyes really pop!”


3. Create sharp cheekbones
The secret to sharp cheekbones is having the right tools and playing tricks with the light. Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator is perfect for creating a natural-looking luminosity and also helping to contour the cheeks and brow bones. Or why not try blending No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter for a more subtle glow.

Will you Give It A Go? #GiveItAGoDaily

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WIN the Nailberry Spring and Summer Collections worth £162!
Thursday, August 7th, 2014

We’ve teamed up with Nailberry to celebrate the Hip & Healthy Summer Glow Box in style! Nailberry are giving one lucky person the chance win their entire spring and summer collections which includes 12 beautiful shades. Nailberry create boutique, salon quality nail varnishes that are free of formaldehyde, synthetic camphor, toluene and DBP. You can count of these varnishes to make your nails pop without damaging them beneath! To find out more about Nailberry visit


The Prize

– The Nailberry Spring Collection (6 polishes)

– The Nailberry Summer Collection (6 polishes)

Total worth – £162


To enter just like the Latest in Beauty Facebook page through the Rafflecopter widget below and unlock extra entries! Competition opens 07/08/14 and closes 14/08/14 at midnight. Open to UK entrants only. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Creating watercolour summer nails with Nailberry
Monday, August 4th, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Nailberry already, keep on reading because this brand is new, and exciting!

Nailberry launched just last year by French beauty addict and salon owner Sonia
 Hully. It has already become a favourite amongst celebs, nail techs and beauty know-alls whilst also winning Best Nail Polish Brand at the Beauty Shortlist 2014. Not bad for a newcomer!

With 30 plus fashion forward colours all free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl and synthetic camphor it’s a must have for beauty geeks who care about what goes into to the products they use. Making sure they tick ALL the right beauty boxes, they are also cruelty free too!

When I first saw Nailberry, I thought it would be yet another small “luxury” brand that looks pretty in the bottle but does nothing on the nails. So many of them lack colour pay-off, are streaky and just don’t last, but Nailberry came up trumps. The colours are beautiful, highly pigmented and streak free. They last a good few days without a top-coat and are lovely and shiny. My favourite collection has to be ‘The Must’ collection, made up of deep, dark, berry reds. I can’t wait to use these come the Autumn.

All polish colours are available to buy at £13.50 from Nailberry or you can discover one of three pink shades within The Hip & Healthy Summer Glow Box, including Pink me upPink Berry and Groseille.



I decided to knock up a quick tutorial using two of these beautiful pink shades, Pink me up and Pink Berry, as well as the shade Bubblegum. If you have half an hour to spare, give it a whirl. It’s fun, and um, a pretty mess!


You will need:

– 3 Nailberry polishes
– Basecoat
– Topcoat
– Q-tips
– Nail Polish Remover
– Bowl of cold water
– Dotting tool or toothpick


Step 1:  Prep your nails and apply a clear base coat

Step 2:  Taking your first polish, drop a small amount off the brush into the cold water.

Step 3:  Moving fairly quickly, do the same with the remaining colours.

Step 4:  Use a dotting tool or toothpick to move the polish around.


Step 5:  Place your finger or thumb into the bowl underneath the polish and lift up.

Step 6:  Using a Q-tip soaked in polish remover, wipe away excess polish.

Step 7:  Apply topcoat.


C’est fini!

For the nail art extras, accessories and tools I use in my tutorials I recommend – the range they have is incredible and very affordable so you can stock up on all your nail art bits and pieces.


5 Minutes With… Sonia Hully, founder of Nailberry
Wednesday, July 16th, 2014


The Nailberry salon is where it all started for you. What prompted you to branch out and start providing your clients with your own nail polish?

I always knew I wanted create a line of nail polishes before I even started the salon, but I wanted to get close to the clients and find out what was important to them; what I could bring with a new brand? I realised very quickly more and more people care about the health of their nails. They wanted products without any nasty chemicals, and so there was a demand for healthier nail polish. We use a lot of the semi permanent nail polish these days and they are great but they do weaken your nails. That’s why in between it is good to wear the least toxic nail lacquer you can.

We love the ‘Paris meets London’ statement your polishes make. What are some of the biggest fashion influences behind Nailberry?

Like most, I think Chanel has had a very strong impact on me; the simplicity, elegance and the rock and roll of that era in fashion all speak to me. I have classic colours but I also love bright colours and I do follow the trends, so there’s a shade for everybody.

All Nailberry polishes are 4-free. Can you explain a little bit about what that means and why you chose to keep certain ingredients out of your formulas?

It’s simple! It means they don’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, DPB or synthetic camphor. These chemicals are toxic and some have even been classified as human carcinogen (cancer causing) so it is better to keep away from them. We are working on a 5 free nail polish at the moment which would also let breathe the nails and consequently do not dry them as much as any other nail polish.

We all know that well looked after skin is the best base for makeup, and so healthy nails should be the best base for a great mani! What routine do you follow to keep your nails healthy and looking their best?

Definitely hydrate your nails and cuticles. There’s some cuticle oil’s out there. My favourite is a product called Healthy Hoof that we sell in the salon. I use it all the time myself as I have very dry cuticles.

What would your top tips be for making a manicure last as long as possible?

I can give you a couple. We usually don’t divulge our signature moves at the Nailberry salon but we’ll let you in on the secret! Apply 2 base coats. With the second one, make sure you apply your nail polish very thinly. The thinner it is the longer it will last. Of course you need a good top coat to make the shine last as well. We came out with our plump and gloss top coat which we love.

My personal favourite from Hip & Healthy summer box has to be Pink Berry! What do you think is the must have nail colour for this summer?

My personal favourite is Groseille, a lovely coral colour which suits all skin tones. It’s especially great for summer!

Summer trends come and go, but some things are here to stay. What are the key pieces every woman should have from your Nailberry collections?

Rouge is of course a classic and so is Noirberry for the winter (a nearly black red). For a nice natural nail that gives you a clean and fresh look, go for Candy Floss or Almond.

Try Nailberry inside the Hip & Healthy Summer Glow box HERE.


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