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To the test: Volumising Hair Powders
Friday, March 9th, 2012

Beever Volume Dust, £13
What they say: “Use it to create volume, revive yesterday’s style, create extra texture, or absorb any product that has overloaded your hair. Ideal for reviving any style midway through a night out.”
What you say: “Easy to apply though does spill onto shoulders but easily wiped away. Makes hair have a nice matt texture, great for up-do’s.  Handy sized package too,” said reviewer Jude Robson, London.

bigsexyhair Powder Play, £10.85
What they say: “Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder is the perfect product to add volume to any hair type no matter the style or texture. Instantly liquefies itself when applied allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous textured hair. It is weightless, odorless and colourless on hair!”
What you say: “First impressions of the product were not good as I actually found the writing on the packaging hard to understand and had to read the small print to find out how to apply it. I tried the product and found the texture quite like sand when i accidentally got it on my skin. However the product did manage to put some life in my day old roots, but not quite like they were promising on the bottle,” said review Amy Heron, Burwell.

Nicky Clarke Tease Me, £14.50What they say: “Nicky Clarke has made a breakthrough using the latest in hair technology to bring you instant backcombing! Tease Me creates effortless high impact volume and dynamic texture in seconds. The Tease Me applicator also allows you to direct the product in specific areas and get right into the roots where you want the most amount of volume, it is just so easy to use!”What you say: “I expected big things from this and it didn’t disappoint; the applicator made it SO easy to use and dispensed a good amount of product straight onto the hair, instead of having to ‘pour’ it either onto my hair or into my hands. It definitely gave me a nice lift. Loved it!”, said Veronica Kenny, Kent.

Today we’re loving…Hershesons Invisible Pony
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Hershesons Invisble Pony

The big hair hit of the season has to be the chameleon-like ponytail which dominated the A/W catwalks – and it looks set to continue well into next season with the launch of Hershesons new Invisble Pony.

The 18-inch ponytail hair piece is made from heat-resistant fibres to allow multiple styling, so you can easily switch from a tousled, Bardot inspired pony (above) to a sleek, Marc Jacobs inspired equestrian updo.

Available in ten shades, the Invisible Pony is priced at £60 from Hersheson or £70 at Hersheson Blow-Dry Bars, which includes styling.

Today we’re loving…Uniq One
Monday, November 21st, 2011

Uniq OneYou’re trying to choose a hair mask but which category does your hair fall into? Personally, I fall into them all. I’ve got coloured hair. It’s dry. It needs volume. It has split ends. (I have problems, I know). But chances are, I’m not alone. Whilst many products out there cater for two or three hair gripes, Uniq One boasts a whopping ten. YES TEN. From adding body to offering heat protection to controlling shine and frizz, this little bottle of magic is a leave-in, non-rinse mask that can be applied when hair is wet (blow-dry goodness) or dry (adds a little lustre). Plus, it smells delicious too!

For stockists, visit The Colomer Group.

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