You know what we do; create amazing beauty boxes, if we do say so ourselves, but to celebrate 10 years of LiB, we thought it would be a great time to share with you 10 things you (probably) don’t know about Latest in Beauty.

  1. There are only 13 members of staff at LiB HQ, including our CEO, Nort.
  2. Our offices are based in South West London in sunny Wandsworth.
  3. We only have two male members of staff, including our CEO.
  4. Our first box was only £1!
  5. The first brand we worked with was Pharmagel.
  6. Our fastest selling box sold out in two minutes.
  7. The fastest we’ve turned around a collections box was one month…
  8. We take all our photography in-house in a makeshift studio in the corner of our office.
  9. If we pulled all the beauty products on each of our desks together, you’d have a beauty stash that would see the average person through the year.
  10. We’re an office of many backgrounds, spanning English, Dutch, Irish, Polish, Albanian, Goan and Australian.

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