Written by Annie Whitfield

The world of CBD and hemp within health and beauty is a bit of a minefield. Since those two beauty buzzwords crept onto the scene, with promises of revitalised skin and energy, we’ve been wondering – can you really notice the difference in your skin like some of these products are promising? Can one ingredient really make a difference to your overall mood? We decided to put CBD and hemp to the test by introducing some CBD infused products into our Beauty Content Creator and Editor’s routine. From hemp infused moisturised to CBD supplements, Annie will be taking them all on her relaxation journey.


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Monday’s are always a slow burner for me, and yes, I know I’m not the only one. After getting a little less sleep than usual the night before, I was feeling slightly uptight, so decided to relax myself by spending some more time on my morning skincare routine. Usually I like to stick to the same products every morning so the thought of a new moisturiser was slightly daunting to me. I went in with the Dr Botanicals Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser. Taking about a two pence piece size, I spent time gently massaging the product into my face and neck. The formula was nourishing and creamy but sunk in as quick as gel, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Walking out of the bathroom, Monday seemed a little less blue and I felt uplifted by my inner self care goddess. I popped my first Swisse Hemp + Energy capsule and started my day feeling relaxed and ready for the week.


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Keeping up my morning routine from Monday, I felt positive that the week would fly by – very optimistic. A broken washing machine and a wifi signal more shakin’ than Stevens later and I could feel my stress levels increasing to head-in-pillow-scream level. Prime time to try the CBII Discovery Duo set – I ingested a few drops of the 5% CBD oil under my tongue and sat down for ten minutes to focus on my breathing. Although this oil is meant to be taken in as part of your weekly routine (something I continued after this day), I found the herbal flavour of the drops incredibly comforting and instantly felt my stress levels dropping back down.



A very sunny day and pub gardens being reopened meant only one thing, an al fresco dinner with a glass of wine. Although I’m very happy to not only be dressing for Zoom these days, I’m still not committed to going back to a full face of makeup every day. Instead of opting for foundation, I stuck with moisturiser, glowy SPF and a curled eyelashes. In addition to this I reached for my Dr. Lipp CBD Calm Balm, I applied this to my lips and on the high points of my cheekbones and I must say, hello GLOW. My lips remained plum, and moisturised all evening even after a slight breeze. A new handbag essential for sure. 



If anyone knows anything about me, they’ll know I’m a bath time fanatic – rose petals, salts, candles, you name it, I’ll try it. So naturally, the thought of trying out the Essench Fizzy CBD Infused Bath salts caused unwarranted excitement. Setting the scene with some chilled out music and my favourite candle, I let my bathroom become enveloped with steam and the herbal aroma of the salts. A bath for me is my way of escaping relaxing regardless of what I put in it, but I’m always searching for that perfect ‘ahhhh’ moment to make my time in the tub extra special – these salts delivered. After soaking for half an hour I emerged feeling completely zen albeit slightly wrinkled. These salts are earning a place on my bathroom salt shelf (yes, I have one of those) alongside my trusty Dr Teals Lavender and Neal’s Yard Aromatic salts for sure.


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Now, by day five, I had been taking two of my Swisse Hemp + Energy capsules per day and I thought after five days would be a good time to document how I was feeling. I went to the gym on this day and if my previous experience is anything to go by, it definitely was less of a struggle to drag myself there than normal. Working from home has caused my energy levels to deplete, so I need as much help as I can get when it comes to making myself feel active and ready to face the day. It’s hard to pinpoint if the capsules were the sole reason I’ve been feeling more energised and relaxed throughout this week or if it’s also the impact of being more mindful of my relaxation levels. One thing is for certain, they certainly haven’t been causing any harm. Something I will be keeping up for the rest of the year for sure.


After my short but sweet dabble in some CBD products, I can 100% say that the products I’ve tried have earnt a place in my routine. The concept of introducing CBD into my day-to-day has forced me to look at my overall wellness, the ingredients I’m using on the regular and how I can strive to take more time for myself and my overall relaxation. I think CBD is a versatile ingredient that you can introduce however suits you best, whether that’s a nourishing lip balm, a simple bath, or a new supplement/capsule, there’s something for everyone to try. Whether the products do everything they claim on the tin is up for debate, but I think paired with taking a bit more time for selfcare, then the ingredient can definitely work to your advantage. The world of CBD is ever growing and ever changing, with new health and beauty products released on the daily – I can now safely say I’m here on the journey for the long haul.