This week we’re going natural the Noughty way, introducing seven must-have products from haircare brand, Noughty. We’ve found Noughty’s products some of the best for getting the most out of our hair, making it easier to style and keeping our tresses fresh and healthy. Want in on the action? Don’t forget to keep checking back each day for the latest hair saviour on offer!

Being kind to your hair and the planet is the commitment that drives Noughty as a brand; its ethos requires every formulation to be a minimum of 97% natural ingredients, harnessing many beneficial properties that have been extracted from plants and minerals rather than animals. But, why 97%? This is the exact percentage that enables the brand to deliver great performance, proven plant efficacy, and sustainability of natural ingredients. 97% allows the brand the flexibility to decide when and where synthetic or natural is a more sustainable choice, and when to use synthetic chemistry to create something that just isn’t possible naturally.

Therefore, the decision to use 3% synthetic ingredients is a conscious one. Synthetic is defined as a substance that is man-made by synthesis. Rather than being produced by nature, human intervention is required. At Noughty, 3% consists of preservatives, stabilisers, and fragrance. Preservatives ensure that your product is safe to use for its entire lifespan. Stabilisers maintain the performance of the product and fragrance delivers a divine and consistent sensorial experience. That being said, Noughty also commit to never using parabens, petrochemicals, silicones and sulphates – the haircare nasties that should be avoided wherever possible. We’ve previously found that using sulphate-free shampoos can lead to us experiencing detoxification symptoms when making the transition from conventional haircare to natural, so to make it easier, here are some top tips to aid this transition and keep your hair looking its best, whatever your plans:


Conventional ingredients leave residues that can coat the hair shaft; build-up that can weigh it down and leave it dull. Allow several washes to remove this build-up. We recommend using Noughty for at least eight washes.


Think champagne-sized bubbles rather than the ones you blew from a wand as a little one.


To get the most out of a sulphate-free shampoo, activate it before use. Put a small amount of shampoo in your palm, add a little water, and then rub your palms together before working the mixture through your wet hair.


Except for water. With naturals, you get better results on your hair and in your pocket by starting with less shampoo, activating and adding more as you find you need it. Water is the key here: add plenty.


Your hair detox symptoms and how long it takes to see the real benefits can vary.

A) Hair may feel tangled, matted, sticky or heavy. Tips to help: Rinse hair thoroughly, being sure to remove all the shampoo. Then condition thoroughly, coating every strand, working out tangles. Rinse thoroughly again from root to tip.

B) Hair and scalp may feel very oily. Tips to help: NEVER shampoo or rinse with hot water. Always use cool or lukewarm, and don’t massage your scalp vigorously.

C) Hair feels dry, oily, brittle or rough. Silicones do an amazing job of covering up the damage we do to our manes. When they’re washed away in the detox process, the true state of your hair can be revealed, and the home truths can be rough. Tips to help: Step up your level of conditioning. For example, think about adding To The Rescue to your regime if you use another until your hair rebalances. Or alternatively, add Noughty Intensive Care Leave In Conditioner, especially at the ends of longer hair.

Lastly, don’t expect to sacrifice performance.