As one of the LiB team’s iconic brands, as featured in our amazing 10 Year Anniversary ICONS box, EVE LOM is the authority when it comes to cleansing. Ask any beauty know-it-all to list their most loved cleansers and we can guarantee that EVE LOM will make the cut. Their multi-award-winning cleanser is the original balm formula that has, quite honourably, changed the face of cleansing. In celebration of our adoration for this cult classic, we’re sharing some of the top benefits to cleansing, and how to get the most out of this silky balm cleanser…

It’s the best way to get rid of daily grime

OK, we’ll admit, although we’re huge advocates for a thorough cleansing ritual, we’ve also been guilty of climbing into bed without washing our face (in the case of one or two many glasses of prosecco, of course). We all get lazy with our routines from time to time, but the main (and probably, most pertinent) benefit of cleansing is the simple fact that it gets rid of makeup and daily grime that’s been building up throughout the day. By the time you’re ready for bed, your face is one of the dirtiest areas on your body. You can thank daily pollutants, dust and dirt for that, but also, if you’re anything like us, you’ll also be guilty of constantly touching your face, leading to a spread of bacteria and a breeding ground for breakouts. Cleansing before bed will not only save the state of your pillowcases and help prevent pesky blemishes come morning, but your skin will be prepped for regenerating itself.

TIP: A double cleanse is essential for good skin. Simply remove your makeup with a micellar water to get rid of the bulk of your makeup before treating your skin to a deeper cleanse with the EVE LOM cleanser. This fabulous formula creates the perfect amount of slip to give your complexion a mini facial massage when being applied with added pressure, revealing a cleaner, fresher complexion and lit-from-within glow.

You’ll be on the road to cleaner skin

Our faces contain a number of tiny glands under the skin that produce sebum to form a barrier, aiding protection from environmental aggressors. Excessive build up on the surface (makeup, for example) can cause blockages within the follicles, trapping sebum, sweat and dead skin cells, leading to inflammation and blemishes. Cleansing your skin works to clear your pores  to allow sebum to reach the skin surface, therefore decreasing the chances of a breakout.

Did you know? The four aromatic oils in EVE LOM’s cleanser gently cleanse, while decongesting, toning, exfoliating, and removing every lasting bit of makeup without stripping the skin.

Gentle on sensitive areas

Proper cleansing (as opposed to face wipes, which are known to tug and damage skin) is one of the best ways to remove makeup, especially on the more sensitive areas like the eyes. There’s simply no tugging, or pulling involved – great news for your lashes. EVE LOM’s cleanser can be applied to the eye area and massaged into lashes to melt away tough makeup product, including waterproof mascara.

Your skin starts to renew overnight

Yes, really. Your skin is very much an overnight miracle worker; it is the prime time for skin to get to work to exfoliate dead skin cells, repair daily damage and generally heal, all while rebuilding collagen. Skin needs oxygen to repair itself, therefore sleeping in your makeup, or going to sleep without properly cleansing your face, hinders the natural exfoliating regeneration process and can lead to signs of premature skin ageing. Our skin also loses water during the night, therefore if you don’t wash your face, you can’t apply moisturising products which help hydrate while you sleep.

Skin remains hydrated, radiant, and healthy

Regular cleansing and then following with other skincare products is an essential element in aiding skin hydration. Cleansing manages your skin’s PH levels, enabling the skin to retain water and balancing out the water loss during the night. Maintaining optimal skin hydration levels prevents your skin from looking dull, feeling rough, wrinkled, and aged.

Good to know: When EVE LOM’s rich balm is used together with the hot muslin cloth the luxurious pampering effect leaves you looking radiant, as well as feeling relaxed.

Cleansing helps subsequent treatments to work effectively

While you sleep, your skin’s blood flow is higher, which increases the absorption of products and penetration of active, beneficial skincare ingredients. If you scrimp on the cleanser, applying actives that help fight skin ageing will be less – if not totally – ineffective.

Cleansing helps maintain pore size

With dead skin cells, excess oil and pollution all sitting on your face all day, in addition to layers of makeup, pores can become clogged. Once your collagen levels start to decline as you age, pores don’t bounce back as easily, consequently becoming more enlarged. Leaving makeup on overnight can lead to inflammation and collagen breakdown, making cleansing your face essential for emulsifying all of the above and eradicating impurities from the skin’s surface.

Cleansing is a profound way to give yourself a facial massage

Your cleansing ritual doesn’t have to be with the intention of simply cleaning your skin – there are many facial massage techniques that can stimulate added benefits. Based on the principle of perfectly cleansed skin, EVE LOM developed a unique massage technique for lymphatic drainage, designed to be performed when cleansing to relieve tension and leave skin looking revived and radiant. This technique also encourages blood circulation and muscle toning while helping to eliminate toxins.

Grab your cleanser and follow these simple seven steps:

1. Smooth EVE LOM cleanser over the entire face and neck. Beginning with the ears, apply deep pressure with the pads of your fingertips and circle down to the collarbone. Repeat three times. If tender or painful, this step should be repeated each night until tenderness disappears, and a smooth flow is re-established.

2. Place the fingers in the centre of the forehead, from browbone to hairline. Press firmly, hold for a count of five and release. Move fingers slightly, press, hold and release again. Repeat across the forehead, finishing at the temples.

3. Place three fingers under the eyes either side of the nose (leave the little finger out) and with the hands almost flat, apply pressure, hold for a count of five and release. Continue in small steps working down to the jaw-line.

4. Place fingers above the upper lip, press firmly, and hold for a count of five and release. Continue around to the corners of the mouth. Repeat three times.

5. Place fingers, spread like a fan, under the cheekbones and press, hold for a count of five and release. Continue in small steps working down to the jaw-line.

6. Place thumbs under the chin and fingers on top. Press, hold for a count of five and release. Continue along the jaw-line finishing under the ears.

7. To complete the facial hold the muslin cloth soaked in hot water over the entire face, take a deep breath through the nose and hold the muslin in place for a count of seven to 10 seconds. Repeat three times. Rinse out the cloth and remove all traces of makeup and Cleanser by using circular exfoliating movements. Rinse the cloth in cool water and apply to the face.

How do you incorporate the EVE LOM Cleanser into your routine? Let us know on Twitter.