Written by Maria Nichol

Lockdown locks in need of a little TLC? Why not overhaul your haircare with a brand new routine for 2021! Inspired by our Haul of Fame this month, Color WOW’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, we’ve teamed up with the brand to give you some hints on the best ways to change the way you treat your hair! Read on to find out more about the key formulas, plus how you could win a luxe Color WOW hair bundle…


Harnessing the unique backgrounds of a product innovator, in-house chemist, and celebrity hairstylist, Color WOW are passionate about creating products that really make a difference to all, no matter your hair colour or type. We love that they are fanatical about providing the latest and best ingredients for your hair. Their line of incredible, results-driven products have garnered them multiple awards and a reputation for being one of the industry’s leaders for those who rely on dye. With that in mind, we’re sharing the brand’s Dream Regime, and our tips for treating the hair. 



Shampooing is the first vital step in removing that build-up of excess oil and dirt on the hair. Before you get into the shower, we recommend using the Dream Filter – Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover – a three-minute detoxing spray that’s perfect if you have harder water, or if your hair is prone to dullness or brassiness. Removing minerals and pollutants (that occur in the water), this prepper leaves hair silky and shiny, with its best and brightest colour. 

dream filter slice


LiB Tips: To use, simply saturate your dry hair with the product, evenly distributing the formula. Then head to the shower and follow with the next step! 


Now we clean the hair! Make sure you have a duo that’s best suited your hair type, and that when you get in the shower, make sure your hair is thoroughly rinsed with lukewarm/hot water. The heat will open the hair’s cuticles, and your shampoo will lather a lot more easily if the hair is consistently wet.

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We love the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner, as they’re great for creating instant results – brighter, fresher and cleaner hair, this way… plus no nasties either – both products are sulphate-free, while hydrating and detangling (and protecting your coloured hair!).

LiB Tips: Remember to only use shampoo on your roots, and conditioning is left to the ends of the hair for best results. Also, think about volumes – a penny-sized amount is all you need for these formulas, and with the shampoo, adding a dash of water when the product is in your hands makes it go a long way! 


Now that your locks are revitalised, it’s time to finish with the ultimate treatment! Enter our Haul of Fame, Color WOW’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

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Acting as a mini keratin treatment for all hair types, this product creates silky, glossy, (and most importantly!) frizz-free results. The first all-season, weatherproofing powerhouse of its kind, Dream Coat envelops the hair in an anti-humidity, anti-static jacket which completely revolutionises the look and feel of hair’s texture.

LiB Tips: For best results, ensure you apply this to damp (not wet!) hair, evenly distributing the product. Use every three to four washes, and you can apply your favourite styling products after you have activated this product by blow-drying. 



For your chance to win the Dream Filter, Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, shampoo, conditioner plus three other key hair products (worth £150 in total!) head over to our Instagram!