We’ve hit refresh this month with a range of chic accessories and stationery from this month’s member reward partner, Coconut Lane.

With your New-Season Beauty edit this month you’ll also receive a 30% OFF voucher to use at Coconut Lane! Not sure what to add to your bag? We’re bringing all the inspiration with our (very) pink and girly desk makeover. For all the girl bosses and marble lovers out there, Coconut Lane delivers the ultimate in chic fashion accessories, stationery and homeware – and for LiB lovers – with a 30% discount!

I would be lying if my choices of pink marble weren’t heavily influenced by ‘the gram’. In this day and age (and as sad as some people may think it is) many of our decisions are based on the aesthetics and whether it would, of course, look good snapped on ‘the grid’. Pop culture and social media is at the heart of Coconut Lane as a brand, and you can see why the dreamers of the world gravitate towards the super stylish and uber-cool offerings.

If you want to be inspired and motivated to make your #girlboss aspirations a reality, a desk makeover is a very good place to start because, let’s face it, you’ve got to be in an inspired space to feel inspired. That’s what all the great novelists and creatives say, right?

Here are some of our favourite products from Coconut Lane, all of which will have you creatively camera snapping (ahem, working!) in no time. Don’t forget to use your 30% off voucher!


IMG_98201. Get yourself a fancy MacBook skin (£11.55 with discount). The grown up version of your wrapping paper covered school work pad (yes we all did it!), Coconut Lane offers an array of designs – from fun to the sophisticated. This dreamy pink marble skin really helps my laptop to stand out on my desk while enticing me to actually sit and do some work.

2. The notebook (£3.15 with discount). I must confess that for someone who doesn’t really write anything down, I own a lot (A LOT!) of notebooks. I’m a sucker for them and – I’m not ashamed to admit – I like to use them as photo props. I’m not usually a stickler for everything matching but I must admit, on this occasion, it pleases me greatly. The notebook is paperback as opposed to being bound, which makes it less bulky to carry around.

3. One thing I like to change every season (too much?) is my phone case. Coconut Lane have SO many iPhone cases (£9.80 with discount) to choose from. In fact, it took us well over half a day to decide on a design. The fact that I am super happy that my phone now matches my laptop is an indicator of how old I am getting. It’s the little things. Plus, it seems super sturdy.

4. If you work from home or are freelance, it’s likely that you’ll be carrying your laptop around with you on the regular. I’ve always just popped mine into a canvas bag, but it’s been flagged that I may be setting my laptop up to get a fair few bashings. To protect your electronics, it’s always smart to carry them in a protective laptop sleeve (£19.60 with discount). Not only do you feel super sassy, the soft vegan leather is really practical and offers snug protection so that damages while traveling are unlikely.

Other desk essentials you’ll find within my work space are: a lip balm (the Ambience Everyday CBD Infused Lip Balm is a go-to at the moment); hand cream (the Nourish London Multi-Tasking Super Balm is saving my cuticles); vitamins and supplements (currently from Link Nutrition); and a tampon (for emergencies – thanks OHNE).

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