This month, it’s time to get NUXE’D! When we thought about what skincare brands we wanted to bring you to kickstart the new year, we instantly turned to Nuxe. French skincare brands are held in high esteem for good reason and this multi-use balm will save skin that’s fallen victim to the harsh conditions of winter. To celebrate Nuxe being January’s Haul of Fame entrant, we’re sharing 5 reasons why we fell in love with the brand and why the Rêve de Miel Ultra Comforting Face Balm should make the cut for your January edit.



c u l t  s t a t u s
Nuxe is famed for its cult products! One key player is the Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil, which if you’ve been a member of LiB for a while, you may have already participated in the love affair. This product is the result of an instinctive yet sensory approach to beauty, free from conformism and clichés. Created more than 25 years ago, Huile Prodigieuse is an exceptional formula that repairs, nourishes and beautifies skin and hair. French women embraced this oil from the beginning and it has remained the leading dry oil since.

t h e  l a b o r a t o r y
Nuxe puts research and excellence above all else and believes in awakening the senses while harnessing the full force of nature and power of science. The brand ventures deep into the heart of nature and utilises innovative ingredients such as plants that are rarely used in skincare. Key ingredients used across the board include: passionflower, a remarkable and colourful flower that acts at the heart of the skin’s cells for luminous skin that appears younger; daylily, key to firming the skin and restoring it to its full radiance; and orange blossom, soothing and calming for all skin types while conjuring a heady Mediterranean fragrance.

f r e n c h  c o o l
All Nuxe products are made in France, channeling the country’s coolness and – as some would put it – je ne sais quoi. This also ensures the brand remains an integral part of Cosmetic Valley, which is home to some of the biggest and most respected names in French cosmetics. The brand’s patented formulas are recognised by France’s leading industrial property body as one of the most innovative companies in the region.

e c o  c o n s c i o u s
With the world in its current state, the eco status of a brand is becoming a vital factor in the overall brand experience. Nuxe draws on the power of prodigious nature, therefore committed to respected ethical policies. The brand has endeavoured to reduce its impact on the environment by creating exclusive eco-friendly jars that each year save the equivalent of 41 years of the average French person’s water consumption, spare 1,400+ trees and prevent car emissions equivalent to 170 trips around the world. In regard to their packaging, Nuxe utilises plant-based inks and paper from sustainably managed forests and aims to reduce and manage its recycling based on specific waste. Formulas optimise biodegradability as much as possible with many ‘rinse-off’ products (which also utilise eco-friendly active ingredients), while the brand additionally works to protect the environment by investing in bee preservation and sponsoring pesticide-free hives.

s e n s o r y  e x p e r i e n c e
Nuxe delivers exceptional products that you will also find in the 46 Nuxe spas around the world. More than just an opportunity for pampering, Nuxe spas offer a real way to reconnect with your inner self. An intimate, sensory journey with sensual, radiant fragrances, it’s truly a luxurious haven of serenity.



s i g n a t u r e  s c e n t
Nuxe stands out for its exceptional textures and unique scents that envelop the skin in an individual signature. The rêve de miel scent, for us, is synonymous with Nuxe; it’s a fragrance concoction we cannot get enough of (and we know you love it too!). A warm hug for your skin, this sweet scent combines notes of mimosa and heliotrope with a woody base of honey and vanilla.

h e a l i n g  p o w e r s
The rêve de miel Ultra Comforting Face Balm puts the spotlight on honey as one of the best ingredients for use in skincare. Due to offering antibacterial properties, honey remains one of the most potent ingredients for natural healing, providing a protective skin barrier to protect from infection. It’s also incredibly nourishing, making it a great aid for dry skin.

s e a s o n a l  s a v i o u r
The ultra-rich formula of this product protects skin from external aggressors, making it the perfect skin staple all year round, but crucially during the winter months. Skin’s suppleness and infinite comfort are restored while redness and sensations of irritation and tugging are reduced. Get ready to save your skin!

m u l t i – u s e  f o r m u l a
What we love most about this formula is that, despite its richness, it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. Although targeted for the face and drier skin types, the Ultra Comforting Face Balm has other quirks – it makes a very good cuticle treatment for those of us with cracked and cut fingernails.

t r a v e l  f r i e n d l y
This chic tube is the perfect companion for your travels. Not only does it fit nicely in your travel bag, it passes the liquid restrictions (result!) and comes in handy for acting as a skin barrier for tackling in-flight dryness.


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