For this month’s The Beauty Thread, our Social Media Manager Maria is talking us through how to breathe new life into lockdown hair, with three easy vintage-inspired styles that can be achieved in minutes.

I’m a frequent salon-goer and always get giddy at thought of my next visit, as my hairdresser always comes with fresh ideas for colours and cuts. However, four months in and the roots are here to stay, and even though I’m sure my hair is thanking me for the dyeing hiatus, I’m left a little uninspired. LiB’s Hair Week has me feeling more excited though, and I’ve been experimenting with styling again. I’m going to show you three vintage-inspired hairstyles that are easy to achieve and give the hair a fresh uplift.





The halo updo is perfect if you only have a limited amount of time to style the hair and you’re looking for something elegant. I love how it gives off vibes that you’ve painstakingly put it together: the ease of this can be our little secret!

1. First things first, give the hair a gentle brush through – I use my trusty Tangle Angel compact brush for this. 

2. Lay out your bandana, before folding it in half diagonally so it forms a triangle. From there, fold (or roll) the bandana from the wide end to the triangular tip, so that when you tie it, it creates a halo. 

3. Tie the bandana to your head, making sure all of your hair sits underneath the bandana.


4.  Starting from the front of your hair, carefully loop your locks around the bandana and tuck it in behind the scarf, pinning shorter hairs in place.

5.  Tuck, pin and repeat until you’ve fixed all the hair in place! Spray liberally with hairspray for a look that lasts.





  • Lots of bobby pins and salon/hair curl pins (optional)
  • Hair gel (and a lot of it) and hairspray 
  • A hairband
  • A comb 
  • A bandana 
  • A pinch of patience

Pin curls are one of the most notoriously hard hairstyles to master. They take time and patience…and skill too. During my quest to create 20s pin curls, I actually cheated and decided to simply curl the front, leaving the rest in a bun and now it’s become my signature slicked-back look! Here’s how I achieve it: 

1. First, you’ll need to section your hair off. Leave a small piece at the front on each side (these will be used to create your curls) and the rest will be gathered into a bun. 

2. Comb through the back section of your hair, applying copious amounts of gel and keep the hair taught so you create a nice tight bun, securing it with your hairband. 

3. Now to tackle the front of the hair. Wet the hair slightly, and comb through a large amount of gel (be generous with it!).



4. Then using your comb, start at the roots and drag the hair downwards to create the peak of your curl. If you have salon clips or hair curl clips, this is where these come in handy. Add pins to support the curls and hold them in place (use bobby pins if you don’t have these!) and create a sleek trough with your fingers by moulding the hair and clipping in place. Repeat down the side of your head, and if you have any more hair left over, tuck it behind your ear and add it to your sleek bun.

5.Repeat on the other side of the head, and don’t worry about symmetry with the waves, I think the more unique they look, the better.

6. To ensure the curls keep their shape as they dry, I like to wrap them in a bandana to protect them: you can even sleep overnight with this to let them set, or if you’re tight on time, simply wait until the curls are dry, then add hairspray for a stronger set before removing your pins. 

 7. Add desired hair accessories and you’re ready to rock your 20s look!








  • Heat protection spray 
  • Chopstick curler 
  • Hairspray 
  • Salon clips/ hairbands


80s hair is making a comeback in a big way this year, and one of my favourite ways to hide my roots and give my hair some real volume is with fun spaghetti curls. Here’s how to get the look: 

1. When applying any heat to the hair, it’s really important to grab your heat defence spray and apply that first. Then section your hair with clips or hairbands, (however you like to do things!) 

2. The key to this is to only curl really small amounts of hair, concentrating on creating consistent, tight curls with your chopstick wand.


3. Once you’ve curled your hair, spritz with hairspray, and add your favourite hair accessories!

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