“Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue – I can sing a rainbow, and colour my hair like a rainbow too…” OK, forgive us for making the last bit up, but this song has caused quite the debate at LiB HQ. We all remember the lyrics differently – is it purple and orange and blue, or orange and purple and blue? Tweet us and let us know! Despite the questionable lyrics, we thought this song was particularly fitting for this popular Insta-trend: hidden rainbow roots, which are only visible when the hair is brushed back, braided or styled in a certain way. The roots can also be stretched downwards to cover the majority of the hair, creating a full hidden rainbow effect (super pretty!)

We’ve already seen two-tonal roots, stretched roots and glitter roots over the past few years, but this latest trend is well and truly rooted in the rainbow (see what we did there ?). Candy coloured hair experiments are nothing new; they’ve been a thing on Instagram for quite some time, with influencers and celebs both adding to the portfolio of creations. We have to say though, that this new minimal effort approach to colourful hair is something we can totes get on board with!

Before we share our fave Insta-picks of hidden rainbow roots with you, here are some of our top tips for getting the look yourself – great for if you have a boss who is less than enthusiastic about pastel or bright tresses…

Get the look

  • First off, we’re sorry to say that this look will be much easier to achieve if you’ve got blonde hair, but that’s not to say brunette hair won’t also lift to a manageable blonde hue with the right treatment. If you’re ready for the transformation, it’s time to have your hair professionally bleached to a light blonde shade that will take the colour. Don’t forget to condition your hair with a mask or an oil. We recommend Moroccanoil’s Treatment Oil for silky, shiny, swishy hair (the coveted triple S of hair goals).
  • Once you’ve got light enough hair, now you need to section your crown and clip or tie back the rest of you hair.
  • Choose and separate your colours into different bowls and get painting (apply on the underside of the hair, wherever you want your hidden rainbow to be) – you can be totally creative with this bit and go for as many colours/patterns as you want. Most importantly, have fun!

Just take a look at these rainbow-haired beauties for Inspo…

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