As one of the LiB team’s iconic brands, as featured in our amazing 10 Year Anniversary ICONS box, MASQD has quickly overtaken all other suiters to become one of our must-have brands for beauty; we just can’t get enough of their aesthetic appeal and the expert designs that really help us to take control of our look. To celebrate their place in our ICONS box, we knew we couldn’t keep our brush secrets to ourselves – we just had to share them with you all, too. Therefore, here are the LiB team’s top five brushes that have quickly become essentials for any beauty lover. We apologise to your bank balance in advanced.


In at number one is of course the brush that made the cut; the one featured in our ICONS box and loved by our Business Development Manager, Sasha: The Blusher Brush. Not only does it sit looking pretty on your dresser, it combines perfectly soft, medium-packed bristles with a dome-shaped head to deposit just the right amount of pigment, allowing your blush to pop in exactly all the right places.

Coming in close second is my (Jem – Blog Editor) personal favourite: The Buffing Brush. Now, over the years I’ve switched between a variety of different beauty blenders and brushes, but I will also revert back to a buffing brush if blending with a brush. This beauty tool, quite literally, layers the foundation for your masterpiece. The densely packed bristles are perfect for blending your base products to perfection, helping you welcome a flawless, airbrushed finish.

Our Brand Campaign Manager Harri is very much a bronzer fiend, therefore she has naturally gravitated towards MASQD’S Bronzer Brush, the tool that has quickly become a staple in her stash. The dense, generously bristled bronzer brush is the perfect shape for giving your cheeks a sun drenched golden glow – for collarbones, cheeks and forehead it’s ideal for shading large surface areas.

You couldn’t build a brush collection without a Fan Brush, and if you love highlighting as much as our Graphic Designer, Ciara, you’re going to want to pick MASQD’s Fan Brush up on your next beauty shop. For light, depth or dimension, or a quick clean up without disturbing the rest of your meticulously applied makeup, this brush creates the perfect luminescent glow.

Last but certainly not least, is the Powder Brush. Loved by our Sales Director, Christina, this powder brush with soft bristles is perfectly shaped for applying powder, bronzer or blush and is a great all-round face brush. It’s big enough for all-over powdering – perfect!


It’s all well and good building a collection of finely tuned beauty tools, but the real secret is to look after them with regular brush cleansing. I asked some of the team for their top-tips for cleaning their brushes…

“I always swear by a dedicated brush cleanser (unless I run out and then I just use baby shampoo) to clean my brushes and although brush mats have gained popularity, I find it more effective to swirl the brush in the palm of my hands. I wash with warm water and cleanser before rinsing and repeat this until the water runs clear. My top tip is to try have your brushes standing up or slanted, facing down, so the water doesn’t run into the handle, preventing damage.”Jemma, Editor & Social Media Manager

“I always use very mild baby shampoo to clean my brushes, it doesn’t damage the hairs and leaves them clean and soft. I also have a brush stand that cleverly holds multiple brushes to ensure they dry without damaging the rest of the brush.”Harri, Brand Campaign Manager

“I am pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, but when I do, I find that using regular hand soap with a massaging technique removes grime the easiest. I swirl in my hand and repeat until clean.”Christina, Sales Director

“Cleaning brushes can be hell!! But what i like to do and what works amazingly is using an alcohol spray with some cotton pads- you’d be surprised at how clean they look after!”Sasha, Brand Development Manager