For our latest collaboration with BALANCE, we’ve joined forces to celebrate the people, products and brands that are contributing to making the world a better place through the power of beauty. The industry showcases a diverse range of beauty brands that are starting to think differently when it comes to formulation, innovation, sustainability and packaging. The Changemakers in Beauty edit puts the spotlight on our favourite products that stand for something a little different to the norm. They all have one thing in common: a drive to show that progress is possible. In the spirit of us all having the ability to be changemakers, we’re sharing how some of team LiB are making a change, as well as their favourite products from the box…

Jem, Editor & Social Media Manager

Among the obvious changes – lessening waste and recycling as many products as I can – I’ve been making a conscious effort to be more responsible with my choices of beauty products before buying into certain trends. Not only have I been taking the less is more approach, I more so buy into the technology behind a product as much as the formulation itself. I’m a firm believer of backing the benefits of skincare science, purchasing those brands that – although may not be the sexiest when dressed up –are the ones that effectively and efficiently work. Our BALANCE box is a great opportunity to discover products that fit the aforementioned with the likes of Murad and Patchology delivering concepts where science meets beauty.

I love the fact that Murad combines innovative science-led technology with known formulas that work to create products that surpass the everyday standard. This cleanser slips seamlessly into my routine and neutralises the impact of the environment and its pollutants on the skin, which is perfect when you live in the big city!

Ashley, Graphic Designer

I’ve made a point of trying new things this year, which is great because the BALANCE box champions brands that have taken new approaches with their formulas and have focused on new, innovative ingredients that are naturally derived and impact both the environment and skin in a positive way. Dr Botanicals is a great example as they’ve captured the hemp trend and have created a collection of products that tap into nature’s powerful ingredients.

I love products that push the boundaries when it comes to ingredients and hemp has been an ingredient I’ve loved to experiment with. I use this moisturiser in the morning to protect and hydrate my skin.

Shivona, Customer Service Manager

I’ve been vegan a couple of years now and what started off as something that was just related to my diet, I’m now very conscious of being vegan across the board, which now includes beauty. Veganism has a huge positive impact on the environment and if we all made many small changes, it would be even better for the planet. I’ve dedicated time to choose brands that are not only vegan in formula, but ones that pledge to do better in terms of their overall waste and recycling initiatives. Many brands in our new BALANCE box do good for the planet through their contribution to the beauty industry.

It’s important to me to use vegan brands and what’s better is that Tropic Skincare is a certified carbon neutral company, making it a great brand to use when considering your impact on the environment. This face oil leaves my skin super soft and glowing after use – it’s like a green smoothie in skincare form.