Author – Dean Smith

When we were thinking about our Pamper Time Edit and fixing your post-summer skin, Kate Somerville was at the top of our list. With an ethos of making everyone feel comfortable in their own skin at the heart of what they do, having our October Haul of Fame from the one and only Kate Somerville was a no brainer. With a multitude of products that have gained award-winning recognition and a cult following, this month indulge in the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Unveil your most smooth, glowing and healthy looking complexion from their enzyme exfoliation that buffs away dead skin cells and reveals a radiant skin-surface.

A true icon in the industry, we decided to ask Kate Somerville to answer some of our burning questions to get the inside scoop, and hopefully steal some tips along the way.

Could you talk us through your weekly skincare routine, what products/methods does it entail?

“I have eczema, so I take my skincare routine very seriously. It’s also a form of self-care, which we all need. In the morning, I cleanse with ExfoliKate Cleanser. You can use it at night, but I prefer to use it in the morning for a radiant glow throughout the day. It gently removes the dead skin and allows makeup to sit on the face beautifully. I like to use it in the shower because the steam helps to open up my pores.

Post-shower, I hydrate skin by applying my clinic-inspired Oxygen treatment DermalQuench Liquid Lift. It provides a super-hydrating base that plumps up the skin, smoothing lines and wrinkles. Next, I mix a couple drops of DeliKate Recovery Serum into Peptide K8 Power Cream. The serum is super calming while the cream is a potent all-day anti-aging moisturizer. I finish my morning routine with Daily Deflector sunscreen. Daily SPF protection is the best way to prevent premature signs of aging!

In the evening, I wash off the day with my Goat Milk Cleanser, which is super nourishing and gentle. I’ll hydrate again with DermalQuench. This time, I’ll use the +Retinol version to visibly firm, smooth and brighten skin while I sleep. For overnight age repair, I use my KateCeuticals Firming Serum, Lifting Eye Cream, and Total Repair Cream.

Twice a week in the morning, I swap out ExfoliKate Cleanser for ExfoliKate Intensive, my two minute super facial that improves texture, pores and radiance in just two minutes.

I know this may sound like a lot, but by having a quality cleanser, exfoliator, hydrator, serums and cream, you set yourself up for healthy skin at every age.”


How important do you think it is for people to be educated on how to look after their own skin, why do you think this is important?

“Knowing how to care for your skin is a form of self-care, so I think it’s really important. Especially in the uncertain times we live in. Practicing self-care and maintaining skin health support you in being a healthy, well person. That’s what we all deserve.

Can you let us in on any of your skincare secrets? Are their any habits/techniques/tricks of the trade that you can share with us that you’ve learnt over the years?

Exfoliation and hydration are game changing skincare steps that people often overlook or avoid because of miseducation or mis-information. You don’t have to use a harsh scrub to see the benefits of exfoliating. Look for quality ingredients like the AHAs and fruit enzymes we use in ExfoliKate Intensive as well as Liquid ExfoliKate, which is great for people with sensitive skin. By sloughing away that surface layer of dead skin cells, you not only let younger, radiant-looking skin shine, you also better prep skin for the rest of your regimen. Instead of products having difficulty penetrating the hardened top layer of skin, they now absorb easily and are more effective.

So many people think hydrating and moisturizing are the same, but they’re not. Hydration is an essential daily step after cleansing and exfoliating that pumps skin full of hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid or Squalane to visibly plump and smooth lines and wrinkles. After hydrating, you can seal in the benefits of your products and ingredients with a moisturizer, which is a lipid-based cream locks in moisture.”

Why is ExfoliKate® Intensive, your holy grail product? Are there any celebrities who are particular fans of this formula too?

“While I don’t name names, I can tell you that the whole reason ExfoliKate Intensive exists is because one of my actress clients asked me to bottle my clinic’s Signature Facial so she could take it on location for three months while filming a movie. At the clinic, we call it my holy grail because it transforms skin in just two minutes. Rough skin – gone. Blackheads – gone. Pore size – minimized. Instant glow – absolutely!”

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For someone who is just starting out on their skincare journey or finding it hard to love/accept their skin – do you have any advice?

“For the last 17 years, my clinic team and I have been delivering impossible skin transformations that do more than improve skin. They change lives because people feel more comfortable and confident within themselves. And while I’m so proud of the work we do, the last 18 months have also taught me the value of embracing imperfection and finding grace in the present moment. For anyone out there who may be struggling right now to love or accept what you see in the mirror, it’s OK. You’re not alone. We can help you with your skin. More importantly, we want to support you to find grace within yourself. There’s no such thing as perfect, so let’s embrace what makes each of us wonderfully imperfect.”

There you have it. Some amazing insights from Kate herself, as well as lots of great advice we can all take into our own routines. The ExfoliKate Intensive treatment is our October LiB Box Haul of Fame Brand of The Month, and is available all month long on the LiB Box Beauty Counter. A must try for any skincare enthusiast. Enjoy!