With the stresses of everyday life keeping us busy, we’re all guilty of not prioritising self-care and treating ourselves to enough ‘me time’, but sometimes it’s essential to take time out to indulge. Despite the desire to spend every day in pursuit of being pampered and preened, a visit to the spa isn’t always the most economical way to relax. As a solution, we’re sharing ways to kick back and relax at home this National Spa Week with essential products that will help you lounge in luxury while rejuvenating body and mind. 


bath-goalsSome like to curl up in bed with a good book, others like to unwind by taking a long bath – accompanied by a glass of Pinot Noir, obviously. Did you know that being horizontal in water helps with your mood? Not only that, baths can relieve skin conditions and muscle pain while helping to prepare for a peaceful, deep sleep. 

SenSpa’s Sleep Therapy Bath Soak is the ultimate bath tool to ease life’s anxieties and aid quality sleep. Full of only natural ingredients, it’s kind to skin and soothes the mind. The key here? Lie back, take a deep breath and fully inhale the fragrant concoction of organic lavender, bergamot, patchouli and geranium essential oils. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate skin treat, look no further than Sanctuary Spa’s rejuvenating and replenishing Salt Scrub. While the salt gently exfoliates dead cells to stimulate and promote renewal, the oils soak into the skin to leave you glowing and decadently scented from head-to-toe.


What is a bath without a scented candle? Not something we’re willing to experience, that’s for sure. If you’re bordering on candle obsessed (guilty!), this mini wonder from Amphora Aromatics is the perfect thing to add ambience to a peaceful bath setting. Made from pure essential oils and 100% natural plant wax, this Orange & Clove Mini Pot Candle is perfect for feeling autumnal and will fill the room with a spicy citrus scent for up to 20 hours.


Prolong your state of tranquillity post-bath with the SenSpa Relaxing Body Butter, the perfect aftercare solution for relaxed muscles and mind. This indulgent body butter contains a variety of plant extracts and essential oils including lavender, nutrient-rich starflower and soothing jasmine extract.



We’re aware of how hard it is to step away from technology; we’re so heavily reliant on using it day-to-day but it’s now time to hide that tablet, put your phone on silent and de-stress your mind, body and spirit. The Mindfulness Colouring Diary has been curated by French-born, London-based illustrator Emma Farrarons to help you take some time out of your day for some much needed ‘me time’. With rounded edges and a beautiful foiled cover, this colouring diary is a perfectly portable way to be more present each day by colouring your way to tranquility and recording daily thoughts and plans. Take it from us, your week has never looked so stress-free!


If you do want to splurge and treat yourself to a spa treatment, book it as something you can look forward to. Because we’re good to you, quoting LATESTINBEAUTY at The House of ELEMIS in London will give you £30 OFF an ELEMIS Touch or Technology facial. Experience the best clinically proven facials that are designed to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. 


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