For this month’s Haul of Fame, we’ve unveiled the icon and legend that is Shiseido. This small but mighty entrant packs a punch and will bring your skincare stash to new heights with an innovative formula that can only be compared to beauty gold. Not only are we granting you access to one of beauty’s most alluring brands from the east, we’re lifting the lid on this true titan of beauty by sharing 10 reasons why Shiseido is THE headlining brand you need to know about…


1. Shiseido is an iconic J-beauty brand and pronounced ‘she-say-doe’

2. The brand stems back to 1872, whereby a man named Arinobu Fukuhara was working as chief pharmacist in a naval hospital when he and his colleagues founded the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan‪

3. The name Shiseido was chosen by Arinobu with the words taken from a passage in I Ching meaning, Do (堂): “house of”, Shi Sei (資生): “where everything is born”

4. In 1915, the son of Arinobu, Shinzo Fukuhara became the first president of Shiseido

5. Everything is rooted in innovation with over 120 years of research

6. In 1897 its first cosmetic product Eudermine, a lotion that came to be known as “Shiseido’s red water” due to its colouring, was made for the prevention of dry skin

7. Today, Shiseido has 1,000 researches working across the world on new technologies to improve skin


8. Ultimune, the brand’s hero serum is 25 years of research in the making and protects you from pollution, stress and ageing to deliver 30% stronger skin in one week

9. There is 1 bottle of Ultimune sold every 9 seconds

10. ‪Ultimune currently holds 151 beauty awards


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