Though skincare lotions and potions are certainly beneficial to our skin (gosh, we wouldn’t be without ‘em) the real power and secret to good, glowing skin comes from what we put into our bodies. In addition to drinking lots of water to remain hydrated inside and out, a smoothie is a great way to give your body an extra boost of nutrients. Today, we’ve decided to share one of our favourite smoothie combinations, which helped us on our journey to happy, healthy skin. If you’ve got a blender, access to a supermarket and an open mind, you’re good to go…

What you need

avocadoAvocado (one half)

Love it or loathe it, don’t dismiss this millennial fave (even if you really hate it, you won’t taste it). Rich in vitamin E, this powerful antioxidant steals the show when it comes to that much-coveted glow, while its high content of vitamin C supports moisture levels for optimum hydration.

bananaBanana (one, peeled and chopped)

Not only is banana really good for your health, it’s pretty darn fab for your skin, too. This humble fruit is rich in anti-oxidants and can help to nourish dry skin, as well as smoothening ageing skin.

bluberryBlueberries (one cupful)

Oh, the modest, yet very delicious blueberry. Offering antioxidants, vitamin C and iron in abundance, blueberries are very fond of fighting free radicals, which is good for us when such nasties attack the skin and contribute to premature skin ageing.

mangoMango (one cupful, chopped)

Not only is this nutrient-dense fruit extremely tasty, mango is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, which can help enrich skin health; protecting the skin from UV rays, reducing oil production and fine lines and encouraging a rosy glow in the skin.

spinachSpinach (as much as you desire)

Basically, the key to great skin is spinach, and lots of it. Regular consumption is great for improving the look of your skin and minimising dark circles, while the high iron content promotes a natural glow. Give skin an extra boost with Sukin’s Super Greens Clay Masque.

ojFresh OJ (half cup)

Adding a little bit of vitamin C to your smoothie will enhance absorption of iron from the spinach. Plus, it’s super tasty and helps everything blend well together. An extra shot of vitamin C will always go down well with your skin, so how about adding Ooh-arr’s Rosie Glow Mask to your next box?

coconutA splash of coconut water

Now, you could solely opt for coconut water (or even almond milk) instead of the OJ, but we still like to add a splash of the coco-nutty goodness for an extra shot of hydration.

chiaChia seeds (just a sprinkling)

Because, why not? These seeds are the cherry on top when on the path to glowing skin; they’ll help reduce inflammation and dryness while encouraging a plumper look to the skin.

Drinking smoothies is thirsty work, so why not browse our latest arrivals while you relax?