Written by Maria Nichol

The edit that dreams are made of…our Sunday Times Style – The Luxury Beauty Edit has landed. Bringing together the very best in indulgent beauty, LiB and Style have given their official stamp of approval on a collection of 17 products, all FULL-SIZE and worth £505. Beauty obsessives will recognise big names like SUQQU, M.A.C., and ARgENTUM – in the most prestigious edit of the year. Want to know more about this limited edition box? We have the lowdown on the products and what makes them luxury, plus we chatted to Style about what makes these tools and formulas so special. 




What LiB Says: “Can you get a cleanser as special as this one from ARgENTUM? We think not. Meticulously crafted in Lunéville, France, this one of a kind facial cleansing bar is formulated with a patented fusion of silver hydrosol and DNA H. True illumination, consistent hydration.” 

What Style Says: “Slick packaging and cutting edge science, this brand champions balance and harmony from within.”



What LiB Says: “The fast-track to a clear, smooth complexion? This effective gel cleanser, exfoliator and mask. We love the do-good ingredients within – moringa seed extract cleanses and removes dirt, while jojoba spheres and pumpkin enzymes buff away dull cells.”

What Style Says: “A prestigious spa brand that focuses on delivering inner calm through the ultimate luxe experience. And breathe…”




What LiB Says: “Breathing new life into tired and puffy complexions, this energising treatment is infused with peptides, enzymes and caffeine to tighten, de-puff and refresh the skin. We think this is two-piece full-face hydrogel mask is an extra special treat for the festive season.” 

What Style Says: “The hi-tech brand adored by fashion designers, makeup artists and supermodels around the globe.”



What LiB Says: “This triple-action hydrogel mask combines cutting-edge stem cell technology to create a super treatment that reduces puffy eyes, brightens dark circles and lifts and tightens too. Expect results from your first use, too…”

What Style Says: “Known as the queen of facials, Sarah Chapman’s eponymous brand has a mix of genius gadgets and expertly formulated skincare.”



What LiB Says: “This body restorer releases deep tension for instant muscle relief and recovery. We recommend it as a luxe treatment post-gym. It really is a restorative massage at your fingertips.”

What Style Says: “Based on Chinese medicine, Hayo’u is all about daily rituals that improve our mood and wellbeing.”




What LiB Says: We’re big fans of Nuxe, and this formula is extra special. Made with seven 100% botanical precious oils, this moisturiser for body, face and hair contains an anti-pollution shield while also reducing the appearance of stretch marks, too. The delicate, floral scent is delectable.”

What Style Says: “A cult French brand that offers top-notch skincare for your face and body. One Nuxe dry oil is sold every 11 seconds.” 



What LiB Says: “A hybrid formula that delivers on refining the skin’s texture, this primer is enriched with diospyros kaki, a well-known ingredient in Korea for its pore tightening and energising properties. We’re sold! It refines skin’s texture, and contains a pearly blur that gives the ultimate luminous translucent finish.”

What Style Says: “This Korean beauty brand seamlessly bridges the gap between skincare and makeup.”  




What LiB Says: “The best bath of your life! A heady, euphoric scented oil that’s perfect for unwinding with. Pour over the running water and embrace scents from jasmine to ylang-ylang and romantic rose too.”

What Style Says: “From soothing body creams to calming candles, this holistic brand is our go-to for mood-boosting.”



What LiB Says: “A zesty, self-care moment, incoming. This luxe shower gel with rhubarb leaf and rose has a little grapefruit twist, too. It’s our go-to for an indulgent soak, leaving the skin irresistibly fragranced too!”.

What Style Says: “Shower gels! Candles! Body lotions! This iconic British brand has built a reputation for being London’s luxury bath and body connoisseurs.” 




What LiB Says: “Handcare SOS? We know the ideal remedy. The intense moisturising cream is infused with shea butter and vitamin E for instant, long-lasting comfort. The best part? A 100% natural fragrance of ylang-ylang, lavender and neroli calms the senses, too. And as the name suggests, This Works.”

What Style Says: “They develop impressive products for every time of day. Whether it’s a morning shower boost or an evening sleep mist, this brand has you covered.”



What LiB Says: “Two stellar fragrances from a brand synonymous with creating rebellious aromas. Molecule 05 consists of molecule Cashmeran, combining a musky softness with aromatic woodiness. Escentric 05 has a 15% concentration of Cashmeran with top notes of bergamot and orange, alongside rosemary, juniper and cypress, a nod to its Mediterranean inspiration.” 

What Style Says: “The disruptors of the scent world. One sniff and you’ll want the whole bottle.”




What LiB Says: “The gorgeous glaze of a gloss with the moisture of a balm, this ultra-nourishing lip oil contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid – both ingredients of the moment.”

What Style Says: “High quality, trend-led products masterminded by a trained, supremely talented makeup artist” 



What LiB Says: “An intensely moisturising lip cream with an irresistible twist, this treatment says goodbye to dry, cracked lips while also plumping and smoothing the surrounding skin area to reduce the appearance of fine lines too. We use this overnight as a plumping lip treatment, and during the day as a moisturising lip cream and environmental protectant.” 

What Style Says: “Made in Britain, this cruelty-free formula offers hard-working skincare for every age.”



What LiB Says: “Searching far and white for the perfect matte? This romantic blur of soft-focus colour should do the trick. Lightweight and moisturising we love that the lip has a real blended finish and a weightless feel.”

What Style Says: “The OG – that’s original gangster – makeup brand that has the stamp of approval from top makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.” 



What LiB Says: “ The one-swipe solution to sumptuous, soft lips! We love this treatment that harnesses sugar and apple fibre to buff the lips beautiful. Oh, and it’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous copper tube.”

What Style Says: “Quintessentially British, this heritage brand perfectly blends tradition and results-driven beauty.” 




What LiB Says: “ The easiest way of perfecting your brow arch, this award-winning product is long-lasting, sweat and humidity-proof. A dream! Our favourite part? The 2-in-1 pencil also comes with a super soft fibre kabuki brow brush for blending and achieving that soft-focus finish.”

What Style Says: “The go-to industry-leading brow experts, their products are a must-have for achieving the best version of your brows and lashes.



What LiB Says: “ Four amino-acid coated pigments that complement each other, creating gradations and definition for effortlessly elegant looks? Perfection in a palette.” 

What Style Says: “High-end, high-quality makeup straight from Japan. They pride themselves on radiant, your-skin-but-better beauty.” 


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