As someone with tattoos, it may be surprising to hear that I consider myself to be mildly needle phobic, which is a common barrier for people considering aesthetic treatments. As I age and get closer to the big 3-0, I’ve become more drawn to treatments such as Botox and Mesotherapy, alas it’s the needles that have been holding me back. Although such treatments only use tiny needles to deliver precision treatments, which is said to only give the merest pinprick, the thought can be off-putting. Fortunately, for this month’s Treatment on Trial, I’ve discovered a more natural, pain-free way to delivering Botox-type treatments WITHOUT needles. I headed to the opulent Health and Aesthetics Clinic in the heart of Surrey to discover the latest way to deliver Mesotherapy, using the innovative Med-Jet device.


Traditional Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive therapy that typically uses tiny injections into the skin’s mesodermal layers to stimulate natural collagen production. The treatment uses hyaluronic acid blends to promote the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin while improving a broad range of conditions including dehydration, dullness, ageing, loose skin, pigmentation and puffiness. With my skin ticking many of these boxes, I recognised the possible benefits that Mesotherapy would have on my skin and couldn’t wait to get started. Mesotherapy is also a highly effective treatment for hair loss conditions, including androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. The treatment helps to nourish and boost cell activity, stimulating hair growth and resulting in thicker, fuller hair. Health & Aesthetics have combined the Med-Jet with Mesotherapy practices to introduce a needle free way to deliver products into the skin using low pressure gas seven times finer than the finest needle, therefore offering a real, effective alternative to needles. Additionally, the Med-Jet gun can also be used to deliver Botox to areas which are simply too sensitive for needles to be used comfortably. Health & Aesthetics are using Med-Jet to deliver Botox to the hands and feet, where it’s used to prevent excess sweating – and where even microscopic needles can cause excessive discomfort.

OUR EXPERIENCE arrival to Health & Aesthetics, I immediately became aware of the fact that I was in the most capable of hands; the staff were incredibly welcoming and attentive, while the hi-tech treatment rooms were enhanced by the modish direction of the décor. As a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the clinic is tucked away in the quaint Surrey countryside – serving up the perfect way to relax. While the Med-Jet device was being prepped for my treatment, I was offered the chance to experience the clinic’s Hydrafacial, which would prep my skin for the following Med-Jet treatment. A popular facial treatment, the Hydrafacial noticeably improved the appearance and hydration of my skin, leaving me looking brighter, clearer and – dare I say it – youthful. Hydrafacials provide the ultimate skin detoxifying and deep cleansing experience, simultaneously utilising lymphatic drainage, exfoliation, painless extraction techniques and LED light therapy for ultimate product optimisation. At this point, I thought my skin couldn’t feel or look any better…

That was before I experienced the Met-Jet device that would deliver the Mesotherapy treatment. I first met with the exceptionally experienced Dr Rekha Tailor, Health & Aesthetics’ Medical Director, who talked through the treatment, the benefits of the Med-Jet device and what skincare concerns I was experiencing. I mentioned that even in my teens I had lines on my forehead (maybe I was particularly expressionate?) and as I’ve gotten older, they’ve gotten profoundly deeper and are something I consistently notice when analysing the state of my skin. Was this something Mesotherapy could help with? Thankfully, yes. When I first saw the Med-Jet device, it took me back to art class due to its uncanny resemblance of a much larger than usual glue gun (obviously much more scientific looking). This innovative device is used to deliver Mesotherapy without the need for traditional injections (great news for needle-phobes). The Med-Jet gun uses a microscopic jet of pressurised C02, seven times finer than the finest needle. I was dubious at first, but as the jet propelled the hyaluronic acid blend into my skin, I discovered it was – in fact – entirely painless. The only thing you may find unsettling is the rather loud click the device makes with each application. Funnily enough, this strangely soothed me, and other than the slight pressure felt on the skin, nothing was felt. The dose of your chosen hyaluronic blend is dispersed into the desired layer of tissue, but because no needle is used, there is less trauma to the skin and for you. The areas we focused on were my forehead, mouth and cheeks and it’s suggested that the Med-Jet Mesotherapy treatment should be spread over six sessions to see optimum results.


Mesotherapy-med-jet-before-afterAlthough Botox is still something I’d very much like to try, I relish the fact that Mesotherapy using the Med-Jet gun is a more natural and painless way of delivering product into the skin for effective results. Since hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin, it’s a non-invasive way to plump and refine the skin. After one session, my skin looked the best it had done in a very long time; scarring had decreased, my lines had softened, and my skin looked rejuvenated and glowing. Although my lines are quite deeply set, I have noticed a slight improvement and the overall appearance of my skin has enhanced that.

In conclusion, Mesotherapy using the Med-Jet device is extremely beneficial, whether you’re phobic of needles, or not. Minimal trauma and effective results can only be a positive thing. I’ll be back for a top up, that’s for sure.