The coveted Sunday Times Style India Knight Edit is back. Expertly curated from her column in The Sunday Times Style, this edit features 10 of India’s top rated products with 8 full-sizes from brands including Biossance, Living Proof, Escentric Molecules and more.

Each product from this edit has been tried and approved by Beauty Writer and Expert, India Knight. Want to find out what India had to say about the incredible lineup in this year’s edit? Keep reading to learn what she loves about each product plus the beauty experts from Team LiB share some extra tips.

Soapsmith – Bloomsbury Bath Soak

“These bath salts would make a really nice present for anyone at all, including you. They’re not a mad price for a giant tub and they are lovely to soak in, leaving your skin feeling very soft.”

LiB Tip: If you don’t have time for a full bath soak, you can also use these for a relaxing foot soak.

Weleda – Skin Food Body Butter

As a big fan of Weleda’s Skin Food, which India uses everywhere, hands included, she highly recommends the Skin Food Body Butter as well.

LiB Tip: Focus on massaging the body butter on targeted areas, such as dry elbows or knees, for a few extra minutes for deep nourishment.

Escentric Molecules – M+ Iris Fragrance

“I am here to tell you that the iris one is incredible. On top of the mysterious velvety goodness of the molecule, you have — well, if you love iris scents, you’ll know — a delicious, opulent powderiness, something intensely luxurious but also somehow cosseting, something chic but also friendly, and in this case, something that smells extremely simple but also very complicated. It’s a giant yes from me.”

LiB Tip: Spritz the fragrance on freshly moisturised skin to help it last longer.

Avène – Cleanance Comedomed Localised Drying Emulsion

“If you have OK skin but want to treat the occasional spot, I’ve recently discovered Avène – Cleanance Comedomed Localised Drying Emulsion, which dispenses a weensy amount onto the blemish and quickly kills it without any drama and without leaving a mark.”

LiB Tip: Before applying this blemish treatment, apply a warm compress on your blemish to reduce any inflammation.

Ruby Hammer – Precision Eyeliner Pencil

“This makes your eyes look more defined and your lashes look much thicker, but there is no obvious make-up situation going on.”

LiB Tip: To avoid a harsh eyeliner look, only apply the liner to your upper lash line. You could also smudge it out a bit when applying to your lower lash line.

Philip Kingsley – Elasticizer Therapies (Various fragrances)

“It’s for you if your hair feels like straw, if it’s brittle, if you’ve coloured it for nine million years, if you’ve baked it in the sun for weeks on end, or even if you’ve done none of these things and still have bone-dry hair.”

LiB Tip: For intense nourishment, leave the hair mask on your hair overnight and wash it off thoroughly the next morning.

L’Oréal Professionnel – Metal Detox Concentrated Oil

As India has enjoyed many of L’Oréal Professionnel’s hair care products, we are excited to bring you their Metal Detox Concentrated Oil, which is a new launch from the brand.

LiB Tip: Use a scalp brush to gently massage the product oil in to further stimulate the scalp while also getting rid of dead skin cell buildup.

Biossance – 100% Squalane Oil

“If you have skin that’s in any way upset, this will soothe in, as well as add an extra layer of moisturisation. It’s a simple, honest oil and it’s unscented, so nobody’s going to have any kind of reaction to it.”

LiB Tip: Apply this oil as the last step of your skincare routine and before applying your makeup. This will give you a well-hydrated complexion, giving your makeup a smooth base to glide on.

Living Proof – Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

“I kind of like my (fine) hair better when I’ve dry shampooed it than when it’s freshly washed. It has more body and better texture.”

With India being a fan of Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, the Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo is also a must-have in your hair care routine.

LiB Tip: Keep this dry shampoo in your gym bag and use it both before your workout to help soak up excess oils and sweat, and after your workout to keep your tresses fresh.

Murad – Clarifying Oil Free Water Gel

“Dermatologist-led/created brands are almost always excellent and worth your money.”

LiB Tip: Always apply your moisturiser on damp or freshly misted skin to help seal in the moisture and keep your skin hydrated for longer.