We’ve joined forces with Stella to bring you Smart Beauty – The Archive edit, worth over £177 and based on Beauty Director Sonia Haria’s notable weekly column. But, how beauty smart are YOU? We’re testing your knowledge with these popular skincare questions you may have found yourself googling once before.


Is there such a thing as smudge proof liner?

Yes, but get yourself a formula that’s waterproof. With its intense colour and 12-hour budge-proof wear, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner delivers a super-malleable formula that’s ideal for preventing the unrequited panda eyes.

Should I be double cleansing, if so what should I use?

The short answer is yes, in the evenings. More so if you have oily skin or are removing makeup and SPF. To double cleanse effectively, you’d use two different types of cleansers, one after the other. Commonly, as a first step you would use an oil, oil-based liquid or a cleansing balm like the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm to remove the bulk of your makeup and dirt build-up from the day. For a second step, you’d commonly opt for a regular cream or lotion cleanser for your specific skin type.

I have sensitive skin; can I use acids?

Yes, every skin type (including sensitive) can benefit from an acid, but it’s better to start off with a gentler acid solution and build up tolerance. Although many with normal skin can tolerate daily use of acids, morning and night if desired, sensitive skin types should introduce slowly. Filorga’s Oxygen Peel is a great introduction to acids, utilising a cocktail of AHAs to renew skin by resurfacing, plumping and reoxygenating. Sensitive skin types can use this once a day according to tolerance. If you do find it’s still a little too much, drop it down to every other day or three times each week.

How can I diminish under eye puffiness?

Two things can really help with eye puffiness, especially in the morning: eye cream and eye masks. Better yet, pop them both in the fridge for an extra cooling, de-puffing action. 111 Skin’s Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask will rekindle your natural glow while delivering a blend of potent brightening ingredients formulated to uplift, illuminate, de-puff and awaken the delicate periorbital region.


Are ceramides important in skincare?

Ceramides are lipids that are of great benefit to the skin. They work to help hold the skin together and strengthen the skin’s barrier while retaining moisture and protecting against environmental aggressors. Without adequate levels of ceramides, the skin’s barrier can become compromised, leading to a number of skin woes including dryness and irritation. Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules deliver a lightweight, silky-smooth serum that maintains healthy, youthful-looking skin while targeting visible signs of ageing.

How can I help the appearance of split ends?

Split ends are a common concern for many but don’t fret, other than giving hair a regular trim, Moroccan Oil’s Original Treatment acts as a perfect split end mender by massaging a few drops in your hands and pressing gently into your ends. Better yet, it can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool, leaving hair nourished, manageable and smooth all day long.

What’s better, mineral or chemical SPF?

Although both have their benefits, mineral SPF is often considered better for the skin than its chemical counterparts, especially if you’re acne prone. Natural formulas, like Ren’s Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30, are usually more environmentally friendly due to the absence of certain chemicals that can bleach coral. The gentle, sensitive skin-friendly formula is easily absorbed and won’t clog pores, cause allergies or irritate skin.

Does new mean better?

It’s easy to get caught up with new formulations and the latest advances in skincare, but no, new doesn’t always mean better. A prime example is Estée Lauder. The Advanced Night Repair was first launched in 1982 as ‘Night Repair’ – a serum which pioneered a new era in skin repair. It’s patented until 2033 and is effective for every ethnicity.


What makes Japanese beauty different?

The Japanese beauty philosophy is very close to healthcare philosophy. As we, in the Western world, are concerned with correcting damages after they have occurred, Japanese beauty has a primary focus of everyday prevention. With Shiseido, formation and science is key to their formulas, making their Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream a smart choice.

Can you add texture, without making hair greasy?

The trick with a lot of hair styling products is to keep them away from the top roots. By applying to the mid-lengths and ends on the under layers, you’ll get your desired texture and style without the greasy look (which is even more so annoying if you’ve got freshly washed hair). Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist is the go-to spray for those effortless, sexy, tousled, textured styles.

Do face masks really work?

Although they provide more instant effects, face masks are extremely beneficial for supporting a good skincare routine. They push ingredients directly into the skin at a deeper, more targeted level. Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask provides a shot of ‘instant youth’ with its silky, luxurious cream formula, working to restore hydration and glow.

Is there a lipstick that suits everyone?

Despite many shades of lipstick with various rules on undertones for different skin types and tones, there are some lipsticks that do, indeed, suit everyone. Perricone MD’s No Makeup Lipstick is a universal product that has been formulated to align with all skin tones. Its sheer wash of natural colour is enriched with a mineral-based, broad spectrum SPF.

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