Written by Annie Whitfield

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We all know the world of beauty has been through revolutionary change in the past few years – whether it’s a bid for vegan formulas to be more accessible for consumers, brands recognising the importance behind inclusive and extensive shade ranges or lessening plastic waste, there’s always something new for brands and beauty companies to strive for. 2021 is proving no different – read on to find out about some brand new inspiring campaigns we should ALL be shouting about.

What is ‘normal’ anyway?

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Consumer goods powerhouse Unilever has been a frontrunner in the world of beauty for over 80 years – this year they’ve proven why they’re still making headlines. After launching their new ‘Positive Beauty Vision’ strategy, the brand has taken the decision to ban and remove the word ‘normal’ from all of their beauty and personal care product packaging, including their advertising campaigns too. This is in a bid to make a move towards the modern beauty era, ensuring the world of beauty is as inclusive and equitable as possible. Sunny Jain, President of Beauty & Personal Care, said: “We are committed to tackling harmful norms and stereotypes and shaping a broader, far more inclusive definition of beauty. We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging, will not fix the problem alone, but it is an important step forward.” Expect to see the Unilever brands’ new packaging hitting the shelves soon.

A Greener Future


If you haven’t already seen the commitment and impact Garnier has made in their move to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly beauty brand then let us enlighten. As part of their ‘Green Beauty’ campaign, they are aiming that by 2025 all of their packaging will be either reusable, recyclable or compostable. After recently being named ‘cruelty free international’ via The Leaping Bunny Program; they are also striving for green science and formula development, fighting against plastic pollution AND introducing a solidarity sourcing program for the materials and ingredients they use. Alongside this, Garnier has launched an array of greener, new beauty goodness this year already, including: Ultimate Blends shampoo bars, biodegradable ampoule sheet masks and a 97% natural ingredient watermelon haircare range. If you’re interested in keeping up on Garnier’s green journey, you can download progress reports from their website so you stay in the know!

A call for action


L’oreal Paris have decided to take a stand against street harassment, launching a new campaign in which they’re striving to train at least one million people in how to intervene with street harassment safely and effectively by the end of 2021. In 2019, an Ipsos survey conducted in eight countries showed that 78% of the 15,500 women interviewed claim to have been harassed at least once. Only 25% said that someone intervened. To ensure the success of their new campaign, they’ve teamed up with ‘Hollaback!’ who are a company that are already global leaders specialising in handling street harassment. L’oreal Paris are a brand that stands for empowerment in every walk of a woman’s life and have chosen to launch this campaign to show their loyalty to creating a safer and better future for women everywhere.

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