As a team of established beauty experts, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing the latest the beauty industry has to offer. Want to be kept in the know? Our Trend Report will give you all the beauty news and new launches you’ve been craving. So, let’s see what’s trending this week…

From new-wave retinols for beginners, to potent yet affordable ampoules that offer optimum hydration – the world of skincare is ever-evolving and we’re always going to be here for the ride. Sifting through new product releases can be tricky, but here’s a round up of our favourite new formulas that we think are worth shouting about this week. 

Glossier Universal Pro-Retinol

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Much anticipated for a reason. Glossier are carving a path when it comes to reliable skincare offerings, their latest addition coming in the form of a user-friendly retinol. Containing 0.5% retinol that is derived from sunflower seeds, this dosage is manageable for beginners or those with a more sensitive complexion.

Algenist – Algae Niacinamide Moisture Veil

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Reveling in the powerful ingredient addition of alguronic acid, this moisture veil is a true skin transformer. With promises to see visible results after ten days of continuous usage, this potent partner is the push everyone’s skin cell renewal process needs to enhance your most rejuvenated complexion yet. 

Revolution Ampoules – Vitamin C

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If there’s a skincare trend, you can bet that Revolution Skincare are going to jump on it with precision and high-quality in mind. Needless to say that their latest ampoule range has done exactly that. Accompanied with a handy opener, inside you’ll find a week’s worth of intensive vitamin C treatments that will unlock brighter, more radiant skin within seven days. Efficient, effective and ever-so-endearing. 

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