Written by Annie Whitfield

As a team of established beauty experts, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing the latest the beauty industry has to offer. Want to be kept in the know? Our Trend Report will give you all the beauty news and new launches you’ve been craving. So, let’s see what’s trending this week…

Oh England, how you tempt us with you fleeting ten minutes of May sunshine, only to follow up with a light thunderstorm and a sprinkle of hail. The weather might not have us feeling summer-ready, but the beauty world is always here to brighten up even the gloomiest of May days. Fancy prepping your makeup bag for the occasion? Check out these new releases that’ll have you almost tasting the sunshine… 



Quite aptly marketed as ‘summer in a bottle’, this setting spray will not only lock in even the glowiest, dewiest makeup looks, but it’s also oil free and blended with the uplifting scent of white tea of Bali. 




New releases from VB Beauty promise chic packaging and hard-working formulas. This bronzing brick is home to two smooth powders that can be blended together, or used separately to create the perfect sun-kissed glow. 

JO MALONE – Orange Peel Cologne

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 11.24.10

This limited edition scent, inspired by the making of traditional British Marmalade (think orange peel simmering on a stove mixed with an open-window light summer breeze) is a delicate balance of citrus and woody cashmere. If you’re extra enough to wear a specific scent for a picnic in a park, we recommend this one. 

GLOSSIER – Ultra-Lip


Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 11.23.03

Promising the shine and glisten of a gloss, with the nourishment and moisture qualities of a balm, this hybrid solves the ‘wind-blowing-hair-stuck-to-lips’ situation, whilst also offering protection from flaking in the heat. Available in nine shades – it’s a double tick from us.

L’Oréal Paris x Elie Saab – Eyeshadow Palette


Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 11.29.02

Teaming up with red carpet legend Ellie Saab,L’Oréal  Paris have created a nine pan eyeshadow palette that houses a multitude of perfectly shimmered shades. Whether you’re looking for a sultry yet subtle evening look, or just a sweep of shimmer, this palette has got you covered.

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