For this month’s The Beauty Thread, we tasked our Marketing Director, Dean, to put to test a richer, vegan-based beauty routine. Let’s see how he got on…

First off, I am a skincare junkie; I’ve been obsessed with skincare and keeping my face young since I turned 30 (a little while ago). Over time I’ve worked out what works for me and what is important in my routine. My routine is pretty consistent as I believe consistency is key, and my seasonal routine changes are minimal; in autumn and winter I up the ante and go more occlusive with my moisturiser, but other than that, it stays the same. As someone who eats 100% vegan, I’ve been interested in making changes to other areas, so for one week (since I wanted something richer for autumn) I tried adding a few new, vegan skincare products to my evening routine.


IMG_7508.HEICCleanse: I use the Soy Fresh Face cleanser. This has been a god send to my skin; it’s never looked better. Not drying at all, it adds fatty acids and is amazing. In the evening, I do it twice (double cleanse) to ensure all the dirt and SPF has been removed from my skin.

NEW cleanse: As a first cleanse I used the Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil (add it to your box). It had a wonderful texture and really got rid of the dirt and oil, while also feeling lightweight. I then followed with the Voya cleanse and mend cleansing milk (add it to your box) for a second cleanse. This is more of a milky wash. I really enjoyed this too and have to say my skin felt clean and fresh after, but not at all stripped. Definitely a win!

Exfoliate: Twice weekly I use Dermalogica Microfoliant and Paula’s Choice BHA. I think it’s important to keep the skin free of dead skin cells, but as my skin is sensitive, I need to be careful. Once a week I’ll do an acid peel too. At the moment I am using Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate.

NEW exfoliate: For this week I skipped this step.

IMG_7511.HEICHydrate: My skin is always dehydrated, therefore I use both Fresh’s Black Tea Kombucha Essence and the Pyunkang Yul Essence to add hydration (water) to my skin, as well as getting some antioxidant benefits from the Fresh Essence.

NEW hydrate: I replaced my beloved Fresh and Pyunkang with the Garnier Organic Argan Multi Use Rescue Balm (add it to your box). While not the same, I was interested to see how my skin felt without the watery essences. I must say, while the cream is heavier, my skin still felt very hydrated. I’d certainly use this a few times a week.

IMG_7512.HEICMoisturise: I’ll use something occlusive to trap in hydration and moisturise with something like Elemis or Clarins (this month’s Haul of Fame). I feel that with the rise in popularity of hydrating serums and hyaluronic acid, people have forgotten to moisturise their skin. For me, it’s key.I do sometimes pop on an eye cream in the evening if i’m really dry, but don’t find it essential.

NEW moisturise: I swapped out Clarins for the True Skincare Avocado & Evening Primrose Facial Oil (add it to your box). I’m not normally a fan of oils, but again, I was really surprised at how nice it left my skin – really soft and hydrated. Combined with the Garnier, my skin felt really comfortable. I’d certainly use this when my skin felt particularly dry.

IMG_7509.HEICActives: About twice a week, in the PM only I’ll add a retinol or vitamin c. At the moment I’m using a retinol from Beauty Pie and a Lixirskin Vitamin C, but I do tend to swap them around.

NEW actives: For this week I swapped my Lixirskin with InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum (add it to your box). I do sometimes find my skin gets really flushed when using vitamin C, but with the InstaNatural serum, it didn’t. I’d have to see over time how it affected my skin, but the consistency and instant glow were there. So far, so good.


Overall I enjoyed all of the products that I tried. Given they were all vegan, and did not miss on efficacy, I’d certainly use them all again, it was a win all round.