We’ve all been guilty of thinking a glass of orange juice a day is the best way to get a potent hit of vitamin C, hoping to improve our internal health while reaping the vitamin’s ever coveted skincare benefits. Although consuming fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C is good for our health, as a food source alone, the small percentage isn’t powerful enough to have a valuable effect on our skin. Topical vitamin C – L’Ascorbic Acid in its technical term – has become 2018’s hottest skincare ingredient, and we can’t get enough of its brightening, anti-ageing properties.


The tried-and-tested vitamin boasts a long list of complexion boosting benefits when added into your daily skincare routine. From evening out skin tone, stimulating collagen and brightening the skin, to shielding skin from visible impacts of pollution and UV damage, vitamin C is the skincare ingredient to have in your beauty cabinet. The proven antioxidant properties of topical vitamin C will aid a boost in skin firmness, lending the appearance of fullness to the face while easing wrinkles and fine lines. This supercharged vitamin is your magic potion for stimulating collagen production within the dermis, impeding the enzyme responsible for skin pigmentation, thus facilitating a more youthful, brighter complexion.

Topical vitamin C can be hard to stabilise, therefore, for it to be most beneficial, the concentrated formula needs to be contained and protected from air, heat and water to avoid being degraded. For maximum efficacy, look for formulas that are packaged in a way that avoids excess light and air, such as air tight bottles with pumps and dark/non-transparent bottles.

We like to get our Vit-C fix by adding the Advanced Active Radiance Serum from Murad into our routine. Part of the brand’s new Environmental Shield Range, this smart skincare solution works to improve skin brightness, clarity, and radiance by 60% in less than one week. Renewing skin for an overall smoother look, The Resilient-C Complex utilised within this serum stimulates the skin’s natural defence system against environmental aggressors, while protecting against future damage. SPF should be used as usual if applying as part of your morning regime.

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Post in collaboration with Murad.