Our Glow Plan Beauty Edit with Abigail James is a collection of 10 products that complete a full glow plan routine, making each one perfect for helping you achieve glowing skin.

Every product in this curated collection has received the stamp of approval from author and beauty expert Abigail James and the beauty team at Latest in Beauty. Keep reading to find out what Abigail James had to say about the amazing lineup plus her tips on how you can incorporate each product in your daily skincare routine.


BYBI – Swipe Clean Facial Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover

Abigail describes this cleansing oil and makeup remover as a gentle and thorough cleanser because the oil helps to soften and release oil, dirt and makeup without any harsh stripping and this is just such a joy to use.

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“Warm the oil in the palms of your hands then apply to your whole face and neck. You can be generous with this and massage all over your face. It’s safe to use over eyelids and you can gently massage into lashes. Add a small amount of water to turn the oil into a gentle milk, which you can then easily wash and wipe off with a cloth. You can use this oil daily as a first step cleanse – gentle and effective for all skin types.”

Dr. Hauschka – Cleansing Cream

Abigail describes this as a classic product from a brand with amazing ethics. It’s unique and like no other cleanser on the market and works really well for all skin types including spot prone.

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“Once you get into the ritual of how to best use it, the cleansing process becomes a little bit addictive. I share this in more detail in the YouTube video. Use 1-2cm of cleansing cream in the palms of your hands and add a small amount of water and work into a watery paste. Use a press and roll action all over the face and neck then wash and wipe off with a face cloth. It leaves the skin feeling fresh, clean but not stripped.”

Dr. Hauschka – Facial Toner

Abigail says this skin tonic is such a joy to use any time of the day, to help hydrate, freshen and balance the skin.

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“Works really well as a double act with the cleansing cream. You can spritz this under or over makeup during the day if you’re feeling a bit dehydrated.”

Gatineau – Exfoliating PHA + BHA Glow Tonique

Abigail says that this gently adds a glow and smoothness to skin. This acid toner is gentle enough to use daily and won’t sun sensitise the skin due to PHA, which are super gentle, while the BHA adds a little touch of pore refinement.

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“You could use this morning and night, however go with what your skin feels like, if your skin seems to enjoy it 3 nights a week, then tailor it to your skin’s needs. Use after cleansing and before serum application as it will allow for a better serum absorption.”

Lumene – Nordic-C [Valo] Glow Boost Essence

“A generous Vitamin C hydrating serum all in one. Hydration and glow and some of the key aspects of skin rejuvenation so many of us want.”

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“This is safe to use morning and evening and can easily be layered with other serums. And topped with a touch of oil in the evening to help lock in the hydration.”

Oskia – Isotonic Hydra-Serum

Abigail loves this serum. “It’s so versatile, a joy to use and really does add a mega drench of hydration.”

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“Combine this morning and evening after applying a hydrating tonic to help lock in hydration. It’s safe to use all over the face, eyes, neck and décolleté.”

BYBI – C-Caf Vitamin C & Caffeine Day Cream

“This is a gentle lightweight day cream, for a touch of vibrance and supporting any puffiness with the addition of caffeine (there is no coffee smell!)”

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“After cleansing, layer your serums and apply a small amount of this day cream over the top. You don’t need to over rub this cream in.”

Codex Labs – Bia Facial Oil

Abigail describes this as a beautiful face oil and one of her favourites! It can be used as a treatment oil by applying a small amount after cleansing and serums. It also has the perfect texture to use as a face massage oil.

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“I have some great face massage tutorials on YouTube, this is the perfect oil to follow a face lifting massage routine with. Once you have finished massaging, you might like to remove the excess oil by using the Dr Hauschka cleansing cream and then applying a spritz or two of the face tonic.

Disciple – Dreamy Skin Retinyl Night Oil

Abigail describes this as a lovely, gentle night time treatment oil with a small amount of retinyl. Ideal for applying over other serums for a nighttime treatment.

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“You don’t need much of this, as a little goes a long way. Apply with hands and take a moment to slowly smooth over the face (avoiding the eye area).”

Life Armour – drops of slumber+

“A great little sleep support to help you drift off and make the most of some beauty sleep.”

Abigail’s Skincare Tip:

“I keep mine by the side of my bed so I don’t forget to take them!”

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