There is more to veganism than adopting a plant-based diet; it’s the clothing you wear and the beauty/lifestyle products you use. With our latest beauty box collaboration with Holland & Barrett, we’re celebrating Veganuary by putting the spotlight on the wonders to come out of the vegan beauty category with our first-ever dedicated vegan edit. Despite Veganuary continuing to divide the nation (some of us can’t live without REAL cheese, ok?) the popularity of a vegan-based lifestyle is accelerating rapidly. The notion that being vegan is healthier – or often safer – for you, your skin and, well, the planet, is seeing many of us take a pledge to do better. In celebration of our latest vegan-led collaboration with Holland and Barrett, we’re sharing a few of the many benefits of embracing the vegan category – whether that’s in the realm of your beauty cupboard, or something more all-encompassing.



The demand for vegan skincare is continually on the rise. In fact, it’s one of our most requested categories (which, FYI, we now have a tab for). Vegan beauty products are often preferred by those with sensitive, easily irritated or allergy-prone skin due to fewer, less-irritating ingredients, making them much gentler on the skin. By choosing vegan beauty products, you’ll also be avoiding formulas that have used animal by-products such as carmine, beeswax, gelatine, lanolin and uric acid, to name a few. Not everyone wants that on their skin (totally justifiable!).


Along with a vegan diet, choosing plant-based skincare is much kinder to animals due to the avoidance of animal by-products. Products are usually produced without animal testing, however, keep in mind that just because it’s marketed as being vegan-friendly does not guarantee that all products have not been tested on animals. Although, it’s good to note that animal testing is illegal in the UK.


A fully plant-based diet has been said to have a very positive impact on our health, eliminating the risk of consuming any potential animal fats or hormones. The consumption of cholesterol-raising animal fats has been linked to a number of health conditions and various cancers. Eliminating them by swapping to a vegan diet can greatly reduce any future health concerns. Healthy plant-based alternatives can provide necessary fatty acids without affecting cholesterol levels. A vegan diet also consists of larger volumes of legumes, fruits, and vegetables, all great contributors to good health.


We’re all – or certainly should be – aware of climate change and the impact we, as humans, are having on the environment. Whether you’ve been recently influenced by David Attenborough’s latest Seven Worlds, One Planet, or have been a long-time campaigner, you’ll know a major player in this worldwide problem is plastic. Not only does less meat and dairy consumption decrease our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on agriculture, many vegan brands (especially those in the cosmetics sector) endeavour to create their products with recycled materials – from vegan inks to biodegradable fabrics and non-plastic alternatives where possible. The use of animal products is also a key cause of environmental damage, leading to climate change, water depletion and soil erosion, therefore vegan products are much more respectable of our planet.



Holland & Barrett is the number one conscious beauty destination, delivering a diverse range of vegan beauty to meet a number of needs across varying categories. Whether it’s a new toothpaste, body wash, skincare or vitamins, they’ve got it covered!

With an increased demand for vegan beauty, we’ve curated a box that features 19 of the best Holland & Barrett vegan beauty discoveries, covering all the bases. Spanning skincare, haircare, bodycare and oral health PLUS an array of new brands, the Vegan Edit is worth £120 and yours for just £30.