How important is focusing on the eyes in a beauty routine? Some say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so surely them looking their best is a win? If you don’t buy into that specifically, you will certainly agree that the delicate eye area is prone to premature aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, bags, puffiness, dark circles… The list goes on.

To help us (and you) out and to get some useful tips, we asked BYBI, our November Brand Of The Month, to share some thoughts on the topic. We also asked them to share a little more info about the brand.

Q – Tell us a bit more about the history and background of BYBI. How did it all start?
BYBI was born in the kitchens of our co-founders, Elsie and Dominika. Frustrated by a gap in the market, they began meticulously crafting DIY beauty recipes with potent, natural ingredients and created products inspired by their own skincare needs. The brand officially came to fruition in 2017 and soon earned global recognition for our clean, high-performing formulas.

Q – Tell us more about your focus on sustainability and the actions you are taking within your business to be more mindful of your impact on the environment around us.
At BYBI, we believe sustainable skincare isn’t an oxymoron, it’s a key pillar of our business and our only beauty standard. Our mission is to boost the health of your skin whilst shrinking your carbon footprint. As such, we’re pioneering real change in the beauty industry by making products with effective ingredients and using low-carbon production methods to keep your skin—and our planet—healthy.

The Skincare questions:

1. What makes BYBI different/effective?
BYBI is creating plant-powered, natural skincare that’s vegan, cruelty-free, and carbon neutral. Our products are derived from skin-essential vitamins, minerals, microbiome-balancing formulas, and active, potent ingredients. We package all of our goods in recyclable materials, partner with harvesters who share our passion for sustainability, and employ manufacturers who use solar energy.

2. Why is an eye cream an important step in a beauty routine?
First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the skin around our eyes is much different from the other skin on our face. It uniquely doesn’t have any oil glands and it’s significantly thinner than its surrounding facial skin. These factors make it more prone to frequent dryness and irritation. In addition, less natural moisture means that under-eye skin is more susceptible to wear and tear and shows the natural signs of aging earlier. Integrating an eye cream into your routine helps to combat these conditions and provide proper moisture to that delicate skin.


3. At what stage of your routine do you apply eye cream?
It’s best to apply your eye cream before applying facial oils, boosters, moisturizers, or SPF. Whether you’re applying our Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Cream in the morning or our Eye Plump Bakuchiol Eye Cream at night, doing so early on in your skincare routine allows the active ingredients to effectively absorb into the skin.

4. What other tips would you suggest for the eye area?
When it comes to bright, youthful-looking under eyes, ingredients are imperative! Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient for soft, supple skin. Several of our BYBI products, like Bright Eyed and Mega Mist, are formulated with this powerhouse ingredient as it’s known for giving skin a fresh, plump look while simultaneously retaining moisture. Bakuchiol is another ingredient with major benefits. A gentle retinol alternative, Bakuchiol stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity, which means firmer skin under and around the eyes. Hydrating, nourishing oils like squalane (which is made from olives!) and broccoli seed oil are also essential as they deeply rejuvenate the skin by replenishing moisture and creating bright, bouncy skin and a gorgeous, guaranteed glow. Looking for a high-quality oil to add to your routine? Check out our Supercharge Serum!


5. Do you have any other skincare tips or advice for our readers?
When it comes to your eyes, be sure to lightly press products onto the face, avoiding any tugging or pulling motions on the skin. Skip your regular moisturizer and invest in a good eye cream, preferably one you can use at night and another that pairs well with SPF come morning. And most importantly, give your skin a break from your screens!

There you have it. The BYBI Bright Eyed Illuminating Eye Cream is available on the LiB Box beauty counter this November (2021).