Written by Dean Smith

For this month’s Beauty Thread, our E-commerce and Marketing Director Dean decided to take on a full week using only Natura Siberica skincare products, in place of his normal routine.

My normal routine is pretty consistent (I think that’s important for a skincare routine) and I’d normally only introduce one new product at a time. So, to swap my whole routine (with the exception of my cleanser and SPF) was pretty daunting. But given I do love the brand, I decided to go for it and see how it would work on my skin.


In the morning, I cleanse lightly and follow with a hydrating face spray (Avene, La Roche Posey, Hada Labo ). While my skin is still damp I’ll follow with a hyaluronic acid serum (various) and then spritz again if I feel my face needs it. I’ll then follow with an antioxidant serum (Q10, vitamin C) and then add a small amount of moisturiser (normally my beloved Elemis Marine Cream). I’ll then finish with an SPF 50 (all day, every day). I’ll often reapply the SPF partway through the day, especially if it’s been hot or I’ve been outside. 


In the evening, I’ll double cleanse and again follow with a spritz (same as in the morning). I’ll then use the same hyaluronic acid serum and follow up with an active such as retinol or vitamin C. I use these a few times a week. I then apply some eye cream and finish with Elemis moisturiser.  

Once or twice a week I’ll also exfoliate using a chemical mask.


For the Natura Siberica AM routine, after cleansing, I decided to start with a generous amount of the Moisturising Face Tonic. I sprayed that liberally and patted dry. Once that had settled, I followed with the Brightening Face Serum.  I used just the one pump (the packaging on this is awesome) and applied to my whole face (except my lids). I added my normal SPF next. I then did another spritz and then followed with a ten pence piece size amount of the BB Correcting cream.


The Moisturising Tonic was a dream. The spray action is perfect (an essential feature), and it left my face feeling fresh and hydrated but not greasy. The light scent is really refreshing. The Brightening Serum was also wonderful. Again hydrating, giving me a glow without any grease. It absorbed nicely and very quickly. As the BB Cream was replacing my moisturiser, I did wonder if it would be enough. But it was nice and moisturising and gave my skin a lovely finish. 

Overall I enjoyed the products and can see myself using all of them in some way. The spritz is certainly one I’ll be using daily.


For the PM, I was excited for a simple routine. I double cleansed as usual and then quickly followed with the Instant Relief Face Tonic (the smell is divine). I then used the Brightening Serum again, and then finished with a generous amount of the SOS Soothing Night Mask. I decided this week I’d skip my normal actives.



Firstly, I think my skin appreciated the simple routine and the focus on hydrating and soothing. I do think all skin should be treated as sensitive. The face tonic, much like the other was wonderful and the SOS Soothing Night Cream was definitely a hero here. It left my skin soft, hydrated and feeling soothed. I woke up the next day with my skin feeling great.


I used the Hyaluronic Acid Exfoliating Gel at the start of the week and then the Instant Glow Face Mask on another evening. I don’t tend to over exfoliate so this was enough for me. 



The exfoliating gel was nice and gentle. I don’t tend to use scrubs (I opt for chemical only) but I did like the instant results. Smells like a dream and left my skin soft but not dry or tight. 

The face mask was great. Super gentle yet gave me a nice glow, I didn’t feel tight, or tingley after. It’s one I’d use again.


At the end of the week, my skin felt great. Hydrated, soft and glowy with no redness. The textures and the smells are a dream (none of them leaving the dreaded greasy glow). My skin felt and looked great. Id happily reuse and recommend any of these. Some of them are going to find themselves in my permanent routine for sure.