Marmite of the beauty world, liquid eyeliner tends to be the product you embrace or avoid in its entirety. In a bid to lure you away from the latter, we’re celebrating this month’s Haul of Fame Most Wanted from Eyeko and granting you access to three eye-conic liner looks that even the most hesitant can master. Whether you think liquid eyeliner isn’t for you, doesn’t suit your eye shape or is just too much of a faff (we’ve all been there), we’re here to demonstrate otherwise. Spoiler: you may be surprised at how easy and effective incorporating eyeliner into your routine actually is.

It’s time to join us by saying I do to liquid liner, because this makeup staple displays pen craftsmanship and a honed formula that’s got all scenarios covered. Can’t quite decide whether to add Eyeko to your box this month? Let us show you why you shouldn’t shy away from liquid liner in three easy to achieve looks.


tightlineIf you thought it was only kohl liners that were reserved for tight lining, you may be surprised to hear that liquid liner can have a similar effect. Universally flattering, applying a very thin liner to your lash line (especially if your lashes are particularly ‘gappy’) can be a very easy and effective way to compliment your eye shape. Although the true meaning of tight lining is to apply liner to the upper and lower waterline (which we wouldn’t advise with liquid formulas) you can get extremely close to the lashes with this pen, thus mimicking the look of kohl.


wingsThe statement flick is not only easy on the eye, it’s a look that pulls together your everyday makeup – suitable for both day and evening. It’s also the perfect eye look to relieve the pressure of a need for eyeshadow (which one could argue can be tougher to master than eyeliner). Liquid formulas are the best type of eyeliner for creating definitive lines and precise flicks. Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner presents a fine nibbed pen for ultimate control. What’s more is that its waterproof formula dries down for a carbon black finish that doesn’t budge. When it comes to application, it’s good to remember to follow the shape of your eye, keeping the liner close to your lash line and flicking outwards towards the end of your eyebrow. We’d recommend always starting with the flick before lining backwards over the eye towards the nose. The three-dot method of sectioning your lids always works wonders in this case, ensuring even application and steady pen control. If eyes are smaller or hooded, it’s a good tip to hold skin taught with your spare hand to avoid dragging away from your intended line. What if you make a mistake? Grab a cotton bud, it’s easily fixed with concealer!


00srevivalDespite the disapproval of my friends, I actually quite like the ‘lived in’ look when it comes to makeup, especially eyeliner. Throwing it back to the 00’s grunge trend, this look isn’t going to be for everyone, but teamed with ‘bed’ hair and a casual LBD, you’ve got yourself a rock chick supremo. The best thing about ‘messy’ beauty looks is that you can be haphazard in application. This look certainly didn’t require any skill; in fact, the eyeliner did it all with ease. The great thing about it? While the eyeliner is still wet (I dipped the nib in a little water to help me along) you can smudge it out with a cotton bud. Who said you needed kohl?