I’ve always loved a bushy brow. In fact, as a youngster – much to my humiliation at the time – I was graced with naturally bushy eyebrows. That was until the thin brow trend came around and overplucking your brows became societal standard. I vividly remember two friends hovering over me, tweezers in hand, holding me still while they plucked my brows to their hearts’ content. Fast forward 10 years and the fuller brow trend has come full circle. Thankfully, mine grew back and saved me from taking out a lawsuit against said friends in the name of my brows. I’ve always said that a fuller brow is the epitome of youth; those with fuller brows have a radiant, youthful look about them that I craved.

We’ve seen a number of brow treatments do the rounds in recent years; from HD brows, tattooing and microblading to the more recent – and rather momentous – discovery of brow lamination. Similar to that of a lash lift (which I have previously tested) this trending treatment continues to grow in popularity across the UK thanks to its fast treatment time and long-lasting results. Having nice brows makes me feel good about myself, and since the month of February has been all about self-love and feel good beauty, I headed to London’s Lash Perfect to test their very own Hi Brow Lamination treatment.

Said to tame unruly brow hairs by setting them in place, ensuring every hair lies in the same direction, Hi Brow Lamination accurately grooms brow hairs into perfect shape and style for up to eight weeks. The popular brow treatment is suitable for anyone wanting to enhance their brows – it’s also suitable for fine or sparse brows as it gives the appearance of slightly fuller brows, and can be styled to cover any sparse areas.

Before arriving for my treatment, I had done zero brow maintenance for over six weeks; no threading, no plucking and no trimming – they truly fitted the ‘unruly’ bill of health. Brow Lamination involves four key products, all of which have been expertly developed by industry professionals for their ideal use on eyebrows. I also opted for a brow tint to finish the look, which is optional.



The first step of Lash Perfect’s Hi Brow Lamination treatment involves fixing your brows in place. A brow lamination glue is used to secure the brows in the chosen shape and style, ready for the styling and fixing lotions. This product has key ingredients to straighten curved hairs while ensuring symmetry. It was at this point that I came to the possible conclusion that I had let my brows grow a little too much. I couldn’t quite believe my individual brow hairs were that long. It was also at this point in the game that I questioned whether I really liked big brows at all. Every insecurity about my big brows as a child flooded back.


brow-lamination-step-2Once the brows are fixed in place, the second step to Brow Lamination is applying a brow styling lotion. This step makes hairs softer and more malleable. Again, the look of how big my brows were looking made me feel wary.


brow-lamination-step-threeIt’s time to use a brow fixing lotion to rebuild the structure of the hair and set it in its new position. I still hadn’t had my brows groomed at this point, so I knew they would look slightly different come the end of the treatment. It was at this point I knew they needed some trimming and shaping. My lovely brow technician worked with me to wax and trim my brows into a less daunting shape. Goodbye slugs, hello defined arch.


brow-lamination-tintingTo complete the look, you can opt for a QUC tint. I was treated with a dark brown shade which wasn’t left on for very long. This made my brows look more even when it came to their colour. You’ll need a patch test 24 hours prior if you opt for a tint and haven’t previously had one.


Once your brows are how you want them to look, a brow lamination serum – infused with keratin – is applied to the brow, aiding hydration and nourishment. It was also at this point where we trimmed the brows a little more as they were still very much along the lines of ‘hey look at me I’ve arrived’. I think it was more of a stark difference due to the fact I had foregone makeup. When it comes to bold brows, mascara is very much your friend.


I can’t commend the Lash Perfect salon enough; the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and listen to your needs. If I were to do this treatment again, I think I would have my brows shaped a lot thinner beforehand. I think the treatment is great for those without natural fullness and brow volume but can be a bit intense – initially – for those of us with brows already leaning on the bushier side. That being said, once the 24-hour aftercare period was up (where you can’t get them wet) and I could treat them how I normally would, I LOVED the effect. After Brow Lamination, all brows need is a quick brush through in the morning. I still like to apply a little product as I have more hair on one than the other, but I have to remind myself that eyebrows are, in fact, sisters and not twins. If you’re looking for a zero-maintenance treatment and want to give brows a fuller, groomed look, this really is a miracle blow dry for brows.